Talking Ben the Dog for PC

Talking Ben is a cool talking character from outfit 7. This character is very famous just like talking Tom cat.

This is the full PC version of Talking Ben the Dog. You can download this as Windows EXE. This is fully functional demonstration  It means you can feel the all functions of Mobile version from this PC Version.

You can download PC version of Talking Ben from following button.





Can I talk with Ben on this PC version?

Yes. You can talk with Ben the dog on this PC version. he will repeat your words. You must have microphone and speaker (or webcam) to use this function. Voices and all other vocal functions are completely same on  both applications.


Is Talking “Ben dog on the Lab” available on the PC version?

Sorry. we haven’t included it for this PC app. You can available it next version of PC app. However lab scenes are very cool of this mobile app.


Is Talking Ben the Dog for PC for free?

You can download talking ben the dog PC version for completely free. There is no any ads in mobile version. But if you wish to download ad-free mobile version , you have to pay $0.99. All functions are not available with free version.


Disclaimer of  ’Talking Ben the Dog”

Outfit 7 developed Talking Ben the Dog for iPhones and android phones. Outfit 7 is mobile developing company from Cyprus .All Trademarks of Talking Ben the Dog copyrighted with  outfit 7.

PC version of this application developed by It is free to use and dristribute.


Paper Toss for PC

Paper toss is a most popular simple game for touch based mobile phones. In this Game you just want to toss a paper to the basket. This is cool and simple concept. Game is very addictive.

This Paper toss for PC version is same as mobile version. In this PC application,you have to use the mouse to toss the paper. This also will be very cool.  Use the following button to download the Windows exe

paper toss PC


Disclaimer of “Paper Toss for PC”

“Paper Toss for PC” is copyrighted with Backflip Studios Inc. Paper Toss is the most popular game of Backflip Studios Inc. Paper toss name copyrighted with Backflip Studios. PC version of Paper toss is different from Backflip Studios’s mobile version and It has been developed by


What are the differences of Real mobile Paper Toss and PC version of Paper Toss?

Mobile Paper toss version has six Levels ( easy, medium, hard, airport, basement and restroom ) available to play. But on our PC version has only one level. You can only play paper toss game office (easy) version using this PC application. However this PC application is not same as mobile application, Mobile game understands touching directions, PC game provides mouse based functions to play.


Are both games (Mobile and PC version) include ads?

Only free version of Mobile Paper Toss has been included ads. If you want to remove the ads you have to buy the paid version of Application. We have included a virtual ads on PC version of Paper toss. these ads are not real. You can’t remove them.


Can I update PC version of this app to play all Levels?

No You can’t. We just developed this as a demonstration of Paper toss touch application. If you want to play the full game you must have a iPhone or Android mobile phone



Tom Loves Angela

Tom Loves Angela is very popular application from outfit 7. They are creators of Talking Tom Cat. Talking tom cat is the most popular application of them. they have used “Talking Tom cat character to create this application.

This Application has created for iPhones , iPads and android.

You can download fully functional Tom Loves Angela application for your windows PC from following link.

Tom Loves PC




What are the differences between real ” Tom loves Angela” App and PC version?

Actually there isn’t any differences of Mobile and PC versions. We have included all functions for this PC application. Record and repeat functions are also available with this application. but you have microphone to use this function. We have used Chinese version of Tom Loves Angela for develop this PC software.


Is this online flash based application?

No. This is windows exe. you can only play this applications on Windows PC. You can’t run this on Mac or Linux.


Can I chat with Angela of this application?

Yes. You can chat with her using microphone or typing. She will give cute answers for you. but you can’t chat with Talking Tom. However chat is not available free version of mobile “Tom loves Angela” We give this function for free with our downloadable exe.


What is the most creative function of this application?

Actually all function of this application is very funny and creative. Tom gives a gift to Angela is the most creative and funny function of this application. Just download this application and click the gift icon to watch it.


Is it working for Samsung Galaxy Tabs?

Some users have complained this is not working for  Samsung Galaxy Tabs. But you don’t worry this PC version is downloading properly.


Disclaimer of  ’Tom Loves Angela”

Tom Loves Angela is copyrighted with outfit 7. This is mobile developing company from Cyprus .Tom Loves Angela windows version has been developed by Trademark of Tom Loves Angela is copyrighted to  outfit 7.



Talking Tom Cat : Download for PC

Talking Tom Cat is a very popular Talking character for Smart mobile phones such as  iPhones, Android , Blackberry etc  Talking Tom Cat has been developed by Outfit 7. They are Cyprus based company.

This is the fully functional Talking Tom Cat Windows PC version, You can download this for free. All upgraded Talking tom cat functions are  available on this windows Application.

Talking tom cat for PC

What are the differences between the Talking Tomcat PC and the Mobile versions?

There are no any special differences, All upgraded functions are available with this PC version. as examples, You can beat the tom cat , give him to milk etc. But this Tom cat will not repeat your words as mobile version of Tom cat.


How Can I run  Talking Tomcat PC version?

Just download rar file from above button, Then double click the exe. Now talking tom cat PC version will run on your PC. You must have Winrar or any other rar extract able software to run this.


Is It Free to download Talking Tomcat PC version?

Yes! It is completely free to download it. This is the Talking Tomcat full version. but mobile users  have to pay some amount of money ( according to their mobile device) to download this.  But you can download full version of “Talking Tom cat for PC” to your Windows computer for free.


Can I use This with My Mac Computer?

Sorry You can’t use this with Mac or Linux. this is the exe, it works only with Windows PCs.


I want the talking Tom Cat 2 also to My PC. How can I download it?

We will create it as soon as possible. Please wait for some time


Disclaimer of Talking tom cat for PC

Talking tom cat is copyrighted with outfit 7 (Cyprus mobile developing company ) .Talking Tom Cat windows version has been developed by Trademark of Talking Tom Cat is copyrighted to  outfit 7



Battery Boost for Windows PC

Battery Boost is a most popular iPhone application, This app has been mainly developed for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. This is the windows demonstration version of Battery Boost. This version works with Windows desktop computer and Laptops.

High Battery drainage for iOS devices are common problem. Many laptop users are also facing for this problem.

Battery Boost detects and shows common power errors of your device, and it gives suggestion to fix these battery errors. Application is very simple and easy to use.

Download windows version of this software from following link

Battery Boost PC


What is the battery Boost for iPhone?

battery boost is iPhone/iPad app which you can use to fix battery drainage errors. You can download this from iTunes for free. But you have to pay some amount of money to upgrade it (This is not a fix amount. It can be $0.99 to 2.99 according times)


What is the Battery Boost for Windows PC?

This is the simple demonstration for battery boost is iPhone version. You can get completely idea for battery boost iPhone app using this windows app. You can download it for free


Can i use Battery Boost to save my Laptop battery?

No this will not show real battery percentage of your Laptop. This will only works as a demo.


What is the meaning of statistics of Battery Boost?

This is the real percentage of your extra battery life. You can also check times to use extra functions such as Audio playback, video Playback, Internet browsing using 3G or Wifi using of this percentage.


Is it important to upgrade Battery booster Pro?

We don’t think so. We think free version is more than enough to normal usage. We just developed free version as windows PC version



QR Codes for Windows PC : iPhone app

QR Codes is the most popular iPhone and android apps, You can scan, create and share QR codes for very easily. This is the windows version of the QR codes

QR windows PC



What is the QR codes?

QR codes means Quick Response Code. You can scan picture and get  sms, message, website or any other details using QR code technology,


How can i get QR code scanner?

QR codes scanners are available as mobile application, You can install them to your iPhone or Android Phone?


Can I use this QR codes for Windows PC to scan Real QR Codes?

No you can’t scan QR codes using this application, This is the demonstration for QR codes for iPhone app. Using this application you can get real idea about the QR codes iPhone app.


Then How can Install QR codes from my PC?

You can use “Desktop QR Scanner” to scan Qr codes from your PC or Lap top, But we didn’t recommend to using this application to use as permanent QR codes reader, Mobile application is the best solution to use QR codes.

download following windows QR code reader for Windows PCs or Laptops


Can I create own QR codes?

Yes You can!. you can easily create QR codes using your PC. We recommend following website


Can I use QR Codes for Windows PC demo app to share QR codes on Social networks?

No you can’t use this demo to do this. but you can use real iPhone app to share your QR codes on facebook and twitter.


QR codes have created Tap media ltd at 2011 and it is copyrighted by them. This windows version copyrighted with Apps for PC website. This is only a demonstration and you can’t scan QR codes using this windows app.

QR codes is copyrighted to Denso Wave Inc,