Anime Streaming Apps – Apps To Watch Anime Online

Anime Streaming AppsWatching anime live on mobile is dream of every anime lover. We are going to share top apps that provide live steaming of anime shows. We are very happy if any one contribute and suggest more apps about mobile steaming of anime shows.

Top Anime Live Steaming Apps

Here we share top anime live steaming apps and we also share your suggested apps below this section. We appreciate your contribution and mention your name with your suggest apps for anime steaming.

Crunchyroll Anime

Crunchyroll is the only app I ever use to view anime, it is very user friendly and it has almost every anime I could ever even want to watch. There is many choices such is dubbed and subbed versions, and I definitely go back to them every time I want to catch up on the latest anime. Link

Anime Tv

If there was a working link to this app, I could respond in more detail. However, since I abhor anime, I would venture to say that any app that shows anime would be just as good as any other app that shows anime. Link

Anime Tv Animania

This app is one of the better available. It brings up a lot of nostalgia with some older shows. I have noticed a few of them are missing episodes but based on what’s out there it’s still a good app. Link

Anime Lab

This is a must have for anime fans! It’s awesome that the makers have compiled so much into one location where I can access it all. I only use English and I Think it’s really helpful and neat that they have different languages available so I can get the videos I want in the languages I want. The search features have helped me find different anime videos that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. This is a pleasure to use. Link

Watch Anime online

I’m such a big fan of anime. However, one of largest problems is finding places to watch anime. Lately, I have heard of applications that allow people to watch anime. The best application I have found so far is Watch Anime Online. Link


“The app looks promising and effective but unfortunately, you get what you paid for (or in this case, not at all, which is great, I guess). The app could not load its material and if it does, the videos will not load properly, so I will rate it a 0 out 5.” Link

Watch Anime Classic

This app serves its function well; you can watch any anime you are able to properly find with it. It does contain ads so that viewers can use the content without necessarily paying. This app allows you to watch pretty much any anime, and their list is extensive. Link


So I am a big weeb and I love anime but I wanted an app to watch anime on the go, so I downloaded Aozora and I love it! I can know track and watch anime then socialize with fellow weebs. Link
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