BBM APK – BlackBerry Messenger APK for Android, PC, iPhone

BBM APK : BlackBerry Messenger application is a free messaging application which is available on Android and other smartphones like iOS, Windows. This application let you chat with others, and share pictures, documents, videos, location, voice calls with speed and privacy. BBM is not like other Instant messaging applications; it offers some additional features which are not available in other messenger applications. Look at the page fully and get more details about the features of BBM application. There are some methods given below to download the latest BBM Apk application. By following this process, you can easily download and use BBM app on Android mobiles.

Download BBM Apk for Android -Latest Version

BBM is one of the best messaging applications which allows you to get connected with your family and friends circle. It does not involve much of your efforts to get used with BBM for Android.Just follow the steps mentioned below to install this messenger easily and have a excellent time.

Download BBM APK

  • Visit Google play store to download BBM Apk on your android phone and look for the BBM messenger and install the application
  • After the installation, when you log into the application for the first time you will be asked to enter your mail id
  • Once you have entered the mail id, wait for an email to arrive which says you’ve reached the front of the line
  • After the mail is received, you should log into the application once again and enter the email address
  • Then proceed with the process just by clicking “next”
  • Ultimately you will be asked to create a BlackBerry ID
  • You will be requested to accept the terms and conditions of service
  • Then tap next and you will be notified of your BBM PIN
  • You can invite your friends through email, SMS,  NFC, bar code scan etc.,

BBM Apk For Android Download:

Click the link to download BBM apk,

Download BBM For Android

Unique Features of BBM APK for Android


When you are chatting with your friend and send some messages in mistake, you can remove those messages by using BBM messenger ‘retract’ feature to clear those chat or you don’t want them to have it anymore.


BBM APK provides free voice calling to any BBM user anywhere in the world. It makes the conversation even much better because spoken words make more impact than written words


It allows a user to set some time to view the messages or photos before it gets disappear. Glympse is a fast, free and straightforward way to share your location and one can set the timer for their location too.


If some user wants their chat to be private with someone, there is a special chat mode in BBM APK which disappears without a trace when you are finished. It helps user to chat with privacy.


This application provides a way to share your information without sharing mobile number or email address. Once a person is blocked, there is no way for him to contact you.


Make your conversation colorful and interactive with the help of BBM emoticons and stickers for every mood and emotions. It helps to express yourself with stickers and emoticons.


You can send your location to friends and allow them to view your location on a map powered by Glimpse. Glimpse is a fast, free and simple way to share your location in BBM APK.


One can create their own group and add their friends, families, and co-workers. A group can hold up-to 250 BBM contacts in one chat and makes the chat more lively by sending images and videos. It allows to create Calendar of events for the group members and can send Broadcast message to all your contact at a time.


Create a new channel to share your thoughts and ideas.Subscribe to an already existing channel to get recent posts and join chat with other who share your interest.


The user can update his/her profile pictures, even animated images (GIF) can also be updated as profile picture. Update your status so that your BBM contacts may come to know about your state of mind.

Advantages of BBM Apk for Android

  • Provides real time conversation
  • Need not be panic that the inbox will be filled
  • Different alerts can be set for different persons
  • can log into other applications while the messenger is active
  • No cost per message

Disadvantages of BBM Apk for Android

  • You cannot send messages to a person unless you know his/her BBM PIN
  • BBM is compatible with only few other messengers

If you have any doubts, please comment below.