How to Download MSI Afterburner for Windows

MSI Afterburner APP is an application for mobile devices that allows to monitor and adjust the parameters of the Afterburner software using the wireless network. It is designed to monitor and overclock graphics cards.

The mobile application accurately displays the operating status of the graphics card and provides monitoring functions such as detailed information about the graphics processor main clock, memory clock, temperature, shaders, voltage and fan speed. All these parameters are monitored in real time and can be changed using sliders, allowing you to optimize the performance of your graphics card and processor.

Up to five different profiles of settings can be stored and easily accessed at the touch of a button.

MSI Afterburner App allows you to monitor the performance of your graphics card during a game, which cannot be done on your computer’s desktop since the game is usually in full-screen mode.

The application is available on iOS and requires the remote MSI Afterburner server to be installed on the computer.

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MSI Afterburner is a personalization – and therefore overclocking – and monitoring software for MSI signed graphics cards. It also provides the Predator tool for in-game video capture.

On the overclocking side, MSI provides access to its Triple Overvoltage function (fine tuning of core and memory voltages) and the accompanying Triple Temp Monitor (fan control). In order to test its settings, the user will be able to use the FurMark benchmark (connected to Kombustor for MSI) also provided. Up to 5 different settings can be saved.

On the monitoring side: GPU temperature, usage, fan speed, clock, shader and memory frequency and usage.

Finally, the video capture tool for the MSI Afterburner Predator game is doing quite well. Although its interface is far from matching the tops of the genre (FRAPS at the top or Mirillis Action! and PlayClaw), it is relatively light and efficient. The player will be able to choose any codec installed on his machine and fine-tune the capture (framerate, definition, etc.) and overlay of system information.

When capturing, we cannot help but notice the obvious loss of performance, leaving this tool to the owners of powerful machines.

Main features

Frequency modification: This feature allows you to fine-tune the clock speed of the core and memory chips of the graphics card to increase its computing power. All this is done via sliders for ease of operation.

Fan speed control: Since overclocking generates extra heat, MSI Afterburner is able to automatically change the fan speed to prevent overheating. The user will be able to specify the speed of the motors if the temperature reaches a specific value.

Monitoring: This software can retrieve and display various information about key components of the computer. For example, it shows the curve of the temperature evolution of the GPU chip as well as its utilization rate and voltage.

How to use MSI Afterburner and its features

Overclocking: Switching around the settings of any software as a whole can be confusing. But it’s not the same thing you feel with the MSI Afterburner setting. The user interface of this application is unambiguous, which makes overclocking the task easier.

Easy access to the fine tuning makes it possible to use the GPU to its full potential. Overclocking helps you manage parameters such as memory clock speed and power limit. It maintains the perfect balance between performance and temperature, which is usually required during games.

Fan Voltage and Speed Controls: MSI Afterburner is designed to maintain the voltage used during maximum power usage, especially during games. In addition, it controls the fan speed through periodic changes in the fan curve automatically as a function of temperature.

Customized skin availability: It also provides an improvised skin facility that the skin dynamically changes according to the appearance of the program and displays. The default skin package is available, but the custom skin can also be downloaded online.

Monitoring: Having complete information about your system is almost impossible, but the MSI Afterburner download makes it easier and helps you get to know your system and monitor it. Monitoring is important to maintain stability during game play and overclocking because it provides real-time information about the PC hardware, temperature, clock speed and usage in volt. It makes it quite comfortable with the data accumulated in real time.

MSI Afterburner and its features

Multiple user interface language support: Since it is available worldwide, free of charge, this software supports all major languages. However, the preferred language can be selected in the application during installation.

Supports all graphic cards: The MSI Afterburner application supports all types of graphic cards. For the AMD graphics card, the overclocking limits can be extended.

On-screen visibility: Imagine that when you suddenly play, you get an error message. This problem leads us to optimize our PC graphics card to the highest quality. MSI Afterburner plays an essential role here by optimizing the PC with this. It also provides the status of your PC on the screen in real time. It keeps an eye on the overclocking setting and its effect.

Video recording : A la carte function to record videos on a screen. These videos are available in AVI, WMV, etc. formats, and options for fine-tuning the quality and compressing the videos are also provided.