Shareit For Windows 7

Shareit For Windows 7  :  The SHAREit for PC app is the best file sharing among all available, and you should have it installed to achieve fastest wireless file sharing speed. In this detailed guide, we’re not only going to cover the basic details about the application but also going to help you know the exact installation method to get SHAREit for PC downloaded. In one way or another, you’re going to like our efforts, and we expect you to help us back by sharing it with all your friends online. Anyways, moving ahead with the guide itself, let’s have a look at the introduction first.

What is shareit

You know Lenovo, right? Or at least, have heard of its name or seen it somewhere on any tech gadget. That company is one of the largest PC manufacturers, and now, also among the smartphone ones. The same company has developed this application. Yes, the SHAREit! So, if you were thinking of this app, as it’s from some nerd developer, then you’re completely wrong. As a whole team is behind its existence, which is the reason it’s so stable, and updated regularly.

The app was launched to tackle the need of file sharing, which was cult by the viruses and malware infected USB drives (especially the Pen Drives). In fact, there were lots of researches conducted to prove this fact, and it came out exactly the same. There are actual published papers, establishing the fact that chances of getting your USB drive infected with a virus or malware are very high, and thus, the file transfer done using them, aren’t safe, at all.

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Now, the way developers looked to this problem at Lenovo was entirely different. Result? A whole new method of file sharing emerged.

If you’re looking for an answer on how SHAREit app works? Then, it isn’t that hard to learn. It uses Wi-Fi technology, which is simply the best, one of the fastest, and also safest (if related protocols are followed) file transfer technology. The app on one device,

The app on one device creates a Wi-Fi connection, and the app on second compatible device, gets connected to that connection. Now, the file transfer begins, and since no other person or program is in-between that connection, the transfer is completely safe and anonymous. It is actually very hard to crack this connection, which saves millions of users.

Now, I guess this is all good for an introduction, but if you need any additional information, then we’ll be available in the discussion section, all the time. Feel free to come up with your questions, even the weird ones! So after covering the features part I am going to discuss the main tutorial on how to download SHAREit for PC.

SHAREit PC Features (Detailed)

Following are the features offered by this software program. These features stays with the app, regardless of the platform.
It can literally share any kind of file. The file should be available on the source device, and the receiver device can get it through the protocol. Images, videos, documents, spread sheets, etc., everything is supported.

The app has a range limit, which is limited with the Wi-Fi range a device can support. So, anything between 5-10 meters, is acceptable for the app to work.

It never asks for any money, and is totally free to use. As explained in the introduction part, it is totally safe, as well. It doesn’t even require any Bluetooth or separate technology to rely and doesn’t even need any assistance from Cellular Data network. The app allows sharing of bigger files as well, and can deliver transfer speed which is 40times better than what normal Bluetooth can deliver.

Amazing, right?

If you need a detailed review of the application, whether it’s for Android, iOS, or SHAREit PC app, then you can check our detailed guides covered on the same.

The only platforms left to cover are BlackBerry, some old Symbian (if still existing), Tizen, and Firefox OS. But, since, the user base of these platforms is very less, it isn’t a big concern. You still get the benefits to enjoy on Android smartphone or tablet, or iPhone or iPod Touch, or iPad, or Windows Phone powered smartphone or tablet. We hope it’s sufficient, right?

SHAREit for Windows 7 app (standalone & official)

This is the exact simple and standalone method to get SHAREit official PC app downloaded, and then installed. The procedure is very straight forward, but if you still need help, then following are the steps to go through.

Step 1 – Move on to the official website (link) and click on the Windows Desktop version button. Wait for a minute, until the package get’s downloaded.

Step 2 – Click on the installer package file, and click on the Next buttons three times in a row. Finally, click on the Finish button.

Step 3 – The SHAREit PC app official will begin running, and then you’ve to click on the right-side pointed arrow four times. After then, enter your name, and choose an avatar.

Well, you’re finally ready to use the file sharing services anytime. Just to ensure proper functionality, make sure that the PC or laptop is compatible to create Wi-Fi or connect to the same.

Just to remind you again, this is the official method, as it uses the standalone version of SHAREit for PC. Since this version is available, so, it’s recommended to always pick this one, instead of any other.

How to Download SHAREit for PC

This particular method will require help from a dedicated Android emulator software. Over here, we’re sharing our best pick, i.e., BlueStacks, but you can also check our coverage with IntelAppUp, Andy emulator, and even with YouWave. In either way, you need to ensure that the system is checked with following prerequisites.


Following are the requirements you need to check with the PC or Laptop at your end. If they match, then we can guarantee that no issues will arrive, otherwise, you need to upgrade the system first.

#1 The system inside should have a dual-core CPU to start with, followed by at least 4GB of RAM. We’ll recommend to go with at least 6GB or 8GB RAM, because games, software and graphics are becoming very high.

#2 Android emulator softwares support any Windows OS version which came after Vista. BlueStacks does support Vista, and even XP, but only their Service Pack 3 variants. So, you need to ensure that the system is upgraded to every update issued by the Microsoft.

#3 The graphic driver inside, should be updated to latest version, and it should be compatible with HD standard of resolution. Finally, the display attached, should have at least HD resolution to start with.

In other word, the PC at your end, should be modern, otherwise you have to upgrade before start.

Procedure (Install SHAREit on PC)

Following are the steps you can go through and in return, these will help you to download program SHAREit. Don’t miss any of these steps in a hurry. A key thing to note here is that these same set of instructions, can work on both Windows and Mac platforms. Still, there are slight differences, which we’ve covered in a detailed SHAREit for Mac guide, separately.

Step 1 – As you’ve selected the BlueStacks app player method to install SHAREit on PC, the first obvious step to complete, is to download BlueStacks installer package. Thankfully, the software comes without any initial price tag, and is 100% safe to use.


Step 2 – The moment that downloading part is finished, you’ll have the installer package ready. As usual, double click on the file, hit the Run option, and then start moving through the on-screen instructions. It will take some time, as the procedure requires live file downloading, and it’s recommended to keep the internet connection running.

Step 3 – Finally, you’ll have the Finish button to click on, and later, you can start the software using its Desktop or any other shortcut. Right at the first screen, there is a Search tool. You’ve to click on the same.

Step 4 – Enter ‘SHAREit app’ as the search term in that black window, and hit the link which appears first. It will initiate a setup process for Sync feature of this BlueStacks software. You can’t skip it, and it will require a Google account login, as you can expect, Google requires a login in order to provide access to its ecosystem. After login, select the profile again, and finally enter the password the finish these things.

Step 5 – As soon as you’re done with that logging part, the official SHAREit PC app will appear within search results inside the Play store. Hit the official one, and finally, you’ve to click on Install and then on Accept buttons.

Wait for a minute or less to allow BlueStacks install the app for you, and the moment it’s done, a notification will appear, confirming the same. If any error occurs, you can retry the procedure again.


SHAREit Download for Android (Official):

The app’s journey started with this Android platform itself, and so it is always going to be present in the Google Play store. Since, it’s Android, you’ve two methods available to proceed from here.

You can either download SHAREit 2.0 APK, or SHAREit 3.0 APK from our detailed coverage, and then install the app accordingly, or can directly follow this official listing link, which will open the Play store. It’s current version is 3.0 and sized 5.6MB.

After then, you know how to proceed and get over with this. A key thing to note here is that, you shouldn’t get this or any other app from a source which isn’t looking trustable. This is very crucial for the security of your device. And yes, if you move with the SHAREit APK download method, then the same file can be shared with all your friends, and if their Android device is compatible, then they can install SHAREit app from APK easily.

SHAREit Download for iPhone/iPad (iOS):

Since it’s an Apple device, you can expect simplicity over number of options. The only way possible is to either launch the App Store on iPhone, and search for ‘SHAREit iOS app’. Once found, click on the Get button to initiate the procedure. Or you can open our blog in default browser, i.e., Safari, and then click on this official link. It’s current version is 2.3 and sized 34.6MB.

In comparison to Android, iPhone apps are slightly heavy, so it may take longer time. The key thing to note here is that, the app works with any device running iOS 6.0 or higher, and is even compatible with iPad, and iPod Touch.

SHAREit Download for Windows Phone Device:

Windows 8, or 8.1 or 10 Phone OS running devices, can get the official SHAREit Windows Phone app version installed. The app can be searched in the Store itself, or you can open this blog in default browser and then click on this official link. It’s currently sized 3.34MB.

Simply, click on the Get the app button over there, and you’ll have the latest version of app ready within a minute. After then, you no where to find it’s launching shortcut.



Q: Does SHAREit allows file sharing between different platforms?

A: Off course, it does! For example, you can share files between Android and iPhone, or Android and PC, through SHAREit PC app and dedicated smartphone app.

Q: Maximum speed SHAREit can offer?

A: Well, it depends on the Wi-Fi connection and standard of the individual device, but theoretically, the company claims up to 40 times speed than Bluetooth.

Q: Is there any specific file format and file size limit on SHAREit Computer?

A: The two device should have available free storage to keep the file, rest, there are no file size limits. Also, SHAREit program, can transfer any kind of file type, including PDF, movies, videos, pictures, documents, etc.

We know that these aren’t the complete set of questions a user can have. So, we request you to put your concerns in the discussion section, and we’ll answer to you, personally.


Sigh! It was a long journey we both have travelled so far, but now, at least, we’re aware of everything related to this number one file sharing application from Lenovo. Still, if you need assistance on any related matter, feel free to initiate a thread in the discussion section, and we’ll be happy to help.

If is there anything else, related, with which we can help, then we will be proud to answer that query, once you share it in the discussion section. In return, you just have to click on sharing button below to spread the word. That’s all about getting SHAREit for PC or at any compatible smart device. Peace!