Towelroot Apk Download

Towelroot Apk is one of the most leading rooting apps for Android phones. Towelroot is an app which is simple in interface yet so efficient for rooting. Towelroot is compatible with android versions starting from 2 to 5. Nowadays rooting can be done by anyone provided you follow the instructions perfectly, otherwise you would end up having a dead phone.

Nowdays for most of the special apps rooting has become compulsory. Rooting is nothing but gaining root access over the android software. To keep it much more brief it gives the ability to alter or replace or manipulate system applications and settings, and run specific apps that require administrator-level permissions, or to perform other operations that are otherwise inaccessible to a normal Android user.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting


  1. Ability to run Special Applications
  2. Can be able to run Custom ROMs
  3. You will no longer need to wait for your device manufacturer for Android updates.
  4. You can either do overclocking or underclocking.
  5. You can actually improve your battery backup of your device.
  6. You can effectively backup all your data using special apps.
  7. You can customize the overall look and feel of your device software to your taste.
  8. You can block advertisements across all your apps.

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  1. Your device may get bricked.
  2. You will void manufacturers warranty.

Download Towerloot v3 Apk

Downlod Towerloot v5 Apk

If we get into much more details of Towelroot, it is developed by an US hacker named GeoHot. If you follow me perfectly then you could yourself root your phone using Towelroot app. The latest version of the Towelroot is V3.0 with some bug fixes and added compatibility to latest phones like Samsung Galaxy S5, and etc. Here is the link of latest Towelroot Apk.

Towelroot App can root your phone in seconds. This is the best rooting app i have come across in the recent times. Unlike other rooting apps like vRoot Apk you need not require any supporting files for PC. If you are unsatisfied with the performance of Towelroot then uninstall it and root your phone with apps like Kingroot App or Root Master App

Towelroot Apk guide for Android

Head over to Settings >> Security >> and select Unknown Sources and allow install 3rd party apps.

  1. Download Towelroot Apk
  2. Connect your smartphone to PC
  3. Run Towelroot Apk
  4. Then tap on “Make it ra1n”
  5. Once you click this rooting process starts. In the meantime your phone may restart several times.
  6. After the completion of rooting you can download any of the 3rd party apps like SuperSu to know whether your phone is rooted or not.

Download Towelroot Apk for PC

  1. In order to run Towelroot Apk you need to have an android emulator. The best android emulator is Bluestacks app player. You can download it from official site.
  2. Then search for the Towelroot Apk in the search menu of the Bluestacks. If you couldn’t find it then download here.
  3. Complete the installation of the Towelroot Apk using Bluestacks.
  4. Once the installation is completed open Towelroot app.
  5. Make sure you backup your data before rooting. Once you are done with backup then press “Make it ran”
  6. That’s it you have done rooting yourself cheers

Pros of Towelroot Apk

Dead Easy to Use

If you want to root your phone using TowelRoot Apk, then simply go to in your mobile internet browser and tap on the lambda icon. The TowelRoot website will download ‘TR.apk’ to your device. Now Tap that file from your notification bar to run it. Then it will install TowelRoot App, and after that you need to simply tap “Make it ra1n” to root your device.

Completely Free

The developers released TowelRoot for free of cost – although he did get to claim the some bounty from the XDA Developers Forum that’s another issue.

Get the latest versions of Android

One of the misconceptions about Android Operating System is that we don’t receive any Android updates until about for 6 months after they’re announced by the Google. This is where iPhone users feel proud over the Android users – Apple fans receive iOS updates instantly on all devices. After rooting your Android device, you too can download the latest Android updates as soon as they’re released to the Android Open Source Project. Installing the latest version of Android is as easy as installing a custom ROM.

Tweak Battery life and boost performance

You can install special battery-saving root-only apps like Greenify which will significantly improve performance and battery life on Android. Greenify application effectively freezes apps when they’re not in use, which prevents them from using bandwidth or processing power when it’s unnecessary. So by this you can expect a major boost in battery life from rooting. Battery saving apps which we normally see in Play Store often don’t extend our battery life, so in order to extend battery life you need to root your device.

No harm to your device

One of the best thing about TowelRoot Apk is that it won’t destroy your device if it doesn’t work. Not all Androids rooting apps have this feature, and if your phone doesn’t support rooting, then it will simply reboot into your same old login screen: no harm, no root.

Cons of TowelRoot Apk

Only for devices with KitKat 4.4+

The developers have initially promised that TowelRoot would be able to successfully root all Android phones as well as tablets. However, in our intense testing we have found that TowelRoot only works on devices running the latest version of Android OS i.e KitKat 4.4+.

No HTC and Motorola Devices

You cannot be able to root Motorola or HTC android devices using the TowelRoot Apk. Some of the devices that have failed during the tests include the HTC One M8, Moto E, Moto G, and HTC One Mini.