Zapya for PC Download Windows 7/8/8.1 & MAC

Zapya for PC: Zapya app is not only available for mobile users but also for pc users, Windows 7/8/8.1, MAC with its “Connect to PC” feature and using some android emulators. If you are looking for better finest cross platform sharing application for all devices then you at the perfect place. Here you’ll be able to learn two methods to download Zapya for pc. I’ve provide you the complete and easy tutorial on how to download Zapya for windows 7/8/8.1 and MAC, How it works, How to use zapya, Ho to transfer files between pc and mobile phones? In this guide, you will get everything about download Zapya for PC.

First of all, you better know what requirements you need to install zapya in your Laptop/Computer PC. In order to use Zapya’s “connect to pc” feature you just need Windows 7/8/8.1 OS, that’s enough not more than that. If you want to use Zapya by using Android emulators like Bluestacks, Youwave. For that you should be installed any one in your Windows laptop/computer. I recommend you use Bluestacts. If you are new to android emulators, don’t get struggle I’m here to help you with simple step-by-step guide and screenshots.

Download Zapya for PC

Zapya is officially available for all devices including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and PCs like Windows. Zapya for MAC, sorry it’s not officially available but we can download Zapya for PC using Android emulator called Bluestacks.

If you wanna transfer files from your PC to phone or phone to PC, then you must download and installed Zapya for PC on both devices. That means your devices should be having Zapya app when you share files between those devices. Zapya for PC has one ultimate feature with this it can automatically install in your friend’s devices, without having any trouble.

Zapya for PC application is the best app when comparing to others sharing apps. With its super cool features will makes it different and popular. Even it doesn’t require any other software requirement separately.

It’s completely free to use, good user interface, user and device friendly. I’ve listed some unique and hidden feature below this post. Please go through it. You’ll get how zapya for pc is essential app for smart phone users. Everyone using USB cable, internet, Cloud, low class apps, social networking apps to share their files between PC’s and phones or in between phones only but zapya for pc is not require anything from above.

It doesn’t require internet connection or carrier mobile data but it automatically creates its own Hotspot/WLAN in PC’s Zapya app, it works only by creating its Hotspot. Scroll down to know more about how to transfer files between PC and smart phones with screenshots. Zapya for pc app will automatically enable Hotspot in your PC.

Download Zapya For Windows

Zapya For Pc Mac


Few Awesome Features of Zapya for PC Application that You Know

Not few Zapya for pc app has lots of features but here I’ll let you know some best and useful features. It enables users to connect with free of data network or Wi-Fi connection. You may think that it’s not possible without internet but it possible only with Zapya application. This is the best feature that you should know.

It’s a cross platform sharing application so it doesn’t matter what the OS is, People can share files between multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and MAC. For examples if you are an iOS user then you’ll able to transfer files to Android, Windows, MAC and another iOS device also.

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There is no limit in file size so can send/receive large files too. Transfer files with high speed even for large files. With this we can share all types of files including photos, videos, documents, contacts, music and more files.

Chat with friends or group by Zapya. Yes, with Zapya application we’ll be able to messaging with friends connected to Zapya network. It will be easier to ask friends for which files you’ll gonna share, right. You can directly share to social media like Google plus and Facebook.

Download Zapya for PC, Laptop Windows-Mac:

  1. Download Zapya APK.
  2. Download and install BluestacksBluestacks
  3. Once you’ve installed Bluestacks, double click the APK that you just downloaded above.
  4. The APK will be installed using Bluestacks, once installed open Bluestacks and locate the recently installed Zapya.
  5. Click the Zapya icon to open it, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.

Final Words!

“Zapya for PC” is used to transfer files from PC to smart phones or phone to PC. It’s highly compatible to Windows 7/8/8.1 and developers are launch an official application for Windows. But for Mac users, I’ve provide an ultimate guide with screenshots by using iOS emulator called iPadian or by using Android emulator called Bluestacks. Please go through it by clicking above links.