Angry Birds Epic game App / APK Download* for PC, Android and iOS

Angry birds epic is a role playing game. it also has many spin-offs and compilations. this epic game is adventure filled with weapons game,for the people who are ready for bird tastic free RPG. This game is full of magic, bad guys, and also silly hats. You can see these all angry birds in a battle now, which is going to be epic. you can play easily but
its very difficult o master. this epic game is designed for both iphone, ipad. its size is 203MB, version is 1.4.5 and available in all languages. in this game you will find your featured birds in a battle field. and the opponents would be pigg’ this game KNIGHT-RED is the protector of the flock ,a chivalrous and powerful warrior, CHUCK-is the master of the wizadry, whose spells can wipe out an entire group of enemies. PIGHERO is the Prince Porkey is the snobby little Brat. It is a chip off the old block and has many cunning ways.

CACTUS KNIGHT-is a prickly for that will be a thorn in the side of any who try to defeat him. you must watch the trailer of this game, it is pretty awesome and will also help you playing the game easily. you will be given all epic weapons,which are craft amazing battle winning weapons like a wooden sword, frying pan, stick thingy with a sponge on top. you can level upon your characters, Armour, weapons and potions to become a legendary hero, ready to take on the mightiest pig warrior you have a super initiative fight system in this game to clash with those swords with green piggy idiots. you need to wait for your turn. The battle field you find in this game explore a fantasy piggy island from tribal villages and very frosty mountains ans also mysterious causes.

These are dressed up in a silly manner which add more humor to the game. the main aim of the game is all the little pigs rise up and attack the birds and our group of hero birds rise up and defend their bird kind. this is the exciting game which lets you tackle the civil pigs in ways you never thought of. you can collect the points as you upgrade your heroes with their this game on the system ,so that enjoy the game for long time and this also stops you worrying about data charges and slow internet connections of your androids. and also gives you space of enjoying the game ,as Android disturbs you from phone calls and messages. a bewildering array of special both of your parties and enemies makes this game practically challenging and especially as you progress to later stages. so what are you waiting for download this game and start enjoying as a warrior. this game played online and who are allowed to link directly to social networks and share about your score.this game includes paid commercial content for  select partners. the new version of this game has improvements in team up and can defend the Tinker Titan to win Matil das Elite cleric. you can enter the jungle to unlock the elite stone guard . Bug-fixes are more. this is available in app purchases and is compatible with some devices.

Angry Birds Epic App / APK

  • To download this file in your android open your google play store and search for angry birds epic and click on install.You will find this install when you open the app. and now you are installing the app to your android.
  • Similarly, to download for ios devices open your iTunes play store and search for it.Click on link and click on the install option.that’s it you can now get this app to your ios device. this is more easy.

Download Angry Birds Epic Apk

Download Andry Birds For PC/Laptop

To download this for pc/mac/laptop you should have android emulator named BLUESTACKS in your system. if not immediately download BLUESTACKS to your Desktop / laptop.

Download Bluestacks for PC :

Emulator is the software that emulates and proceeds your pc to work as the android mobile cum PC/Laptop and now download this world’s best android emulator called as bluestacks emulator or Vlick on the below image to download Bluestacks App Player


  • Click here to download the bluestacks on PC
  • Then, Login to your Google account and directly can goto –> Play Store –> Download Angry birds Epic for free.
  • You can also direct this game from official app links and APK link given below at the end of this post.

Angry Bird Epic APK

More About Angry Birds

The publisher first started releasing its first series in 2009 for apple ios, as soon as it released million of copies were sold out and later on it released ports for all other operating devices. for its comical style and low cost it is been popular and praised. This game has been called one of The most main stream games right now because it have been downloaded more than three billion times collectively.

It is the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far. series of animated movies had also released on angry birds in 2016. From 2009 the publisher had developed its number of series namely, angry birds, angry birds seasons, angry birds rio, angry birds friends, angry birds space, angry birds star wars, angry birds star wars II, angry birds go, angry birds epic, angry birds transformers, angry birds fights, angry birds 2, angry birds action this year. Its series release has many updated features and improvements in its gaming style. this angry birds epic is the ninth game of series which is released in 2014,which is based RPG and a gear and item crafting.