Download SHAREit for PC (Windows 7/8.1/10)

SHAREit is a free file sharing application that helps to transfer files in a flash. This fantastic app can transfer any types of files like videos, music, photos, documents at a very high speed. This app is supported by all kinds of platforms like Mobiles, PCs, and Laptops. You can also send data from Mobiles to PC through this app.

SHAREit for PC

In this article, we are going to share the information about how to download SHAREit for PC available on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. To know the full details kindly read the whole post.

A great advantage of this app is that there are no file restrictions that means we can transfer any type of files without any issues. It is a very user-friendly app, and it creates a direct wifi connection between the two devices to transfer the data from one device to another. Without any kind of wires, cables or USB drives and data charges you can share file between two devices. So it does not require a data connection to transfer data from one device to another.

SHAREit for PC & Mobile

With the SHAREit app, you can transfer GBs of data and files from PC to mobile and mobile to PC almost within seconds. The high transfer speed is because it can create wifi connection between two devices.

SHAREit for Windows, Android & iOS Devices

The SHAREit app can be used on all your Windows, Android, and iOS Devices. And it is very easy to install the app on your phones or PCs. And after the installation, you will not face any trouble regarding the slow transfer.

The size of your file does not matter; the SHAREit can transfer data in a flash from your phone to PC or PC to phone. Any kinds of data whether it is a large file or a video can be shared between all your devices in a flash.

SHAREit: Windows | PC | Download

The SHAREit app is supported even in lower versions also. It is supported by Android 2.2 and Upper versions. It is completely free to use. And the SHAREit itself can be shared with your friend’s devices wirelessly for quick and rapid sharing.

How to Use SHAREit for PC? (Official)

So let us find out how to use the SHAREit app for PC. There are multiple methods to use SHAREit in PC. It is easy to install this app on your PC or mobile without any problem.

Here we are going to discuss the two working methods to use SHAREit App on your Windows PC. And it is advised to use only the official method for secure file transferring.

Download SHAREit for PC Free: (Official Lenovo)

To use SHAREit app on your computers, you have to follow the procedures given here without any fail. So that app will get installed on your PC and can you start using the app within 5 to 10 minutes. All the steps given below are very important. Follow the steps correctly and make sure that you have not missed any steps to run the SHAREIt without any trouble.

  1. First of all, go to the official internet site of SHAREit and download the SHAREit PC software installer package. For the users of Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 the SHAREit App is available for free.
  2. After the downloading of the SHAREIt PC software installer package, star the installation. To install begin by clicking on the setup file which you have downloaded in the above step. You have to follow the instructions given by the program to run the file.
  3. The installation process is simple. And once you have completed the installation of the app, the User Interface of the software appears on the screen.
  4. Then you have to click on the “Connect Android Device”.
  5. The SHAREit 3.0 App on Android is ready to open. Now click on the option “Connect PC”.
  6. Then select your PC or Laptop.
  7. Now the SHAREIt app is ready to use. It will establish the connection between Android and Computer so that you can transfer the files from Android to PC or PC to Android quickly with the help of SHAREit app.

The above procedure to Download, the SHAREit App, is the method directly given by the Lenovo website. And it is the suitable method so that you will not face any problems while using this app. And if you want to know the unofficial method you can check out the guide below.

How to use SHAREit for PC? (For Beginners)

So far we have given the official method of how to use SHAREit app on your PC. Below are the steps for the beginners who are using the app for the first time who do not know how to use the SHAREit Application. So if you are an expert user to ignore the rest of the article. So the freshers can go through the below steps on how to exactly download and use the SHAREit App on your PC.

From the menu opens the SHAREit app after you have downloaded and installed the application on your PC.
You can set the Device name according to your wish. You have to set the default path in the app where you want to receive the files from other PCs or mobiles.
There is a Send button to send files from your device to another. And there is also a Receive button to receive data from the other device. For sharing the files from your Android or PC click on the Send. And if you select receive you will be able to receive and save the files from the other devices.
If you want to send a file, click on “Send” and then click on the option “Browse” and select the files that you wish to send.
If you choose the option “Receive”, you can connect with another device. Then the other person can send the files to your device.
You will get a confirmation message informing whether the sending or receiving is successful.
How to: SHAREit on PC Free Download with Bluestacks
If you any trouble in following the official method, we recommend you to follow the steps below. The below steps are for the devices or PCs, which do not support the official one. But it is recommended to follow the above step to download SHAREIt App on your computer.

For this, you have to download the Bluestacks App Player program from the official website.
The Bluestacks App Player software is supported by Windows and Mac. Choose your operating system and click on the option Download.
Install the app after downloading the setup file.
You have to connect the Bluestacks program with the Google Account and it is an important step you have to follow, for using SHAREit without any trouble.
Then click on the search button, and type SHAREit.
Then install the SHAREit App on your PC.
Now the SHAREit app is ready to use and can start transferring files by connecting with other PCs or phones.
SHAREit for PC: Features

We all commonly use Bluetooth to share files from PC to PC, PC to Phone or Phone to Phone. And it is not very easy to transfer files from one device to another as it takes a long time. So the SHAREit app is a great solution to slow transferring speed. You can also share any types of files and videos within seconds, and the size of the file does not matter. And there are many reasons which make SHAREIt as their favorite file sharing app.

You can share any kind of files like videos, music, photos and documents.
It can transfer data at very high speed.
You can share and transfer Android Apps with just one click.
The SHAREit App is supported by almost all operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows.
This app can automatically detect the devices which are having SHAREit app installed.
With this app, you do the backup of the photos quickly.
It also supports group sharing upto 5 devices simultaneously at a time.
There is size restriction, and you can share large files and videos within seconds.
The app itself can be shared to another device wirelessly.
Almost every operating systems support the SHAREit app, and it is available for Windows PC, Windows Phones, Android, and iPhones. Those who are having Mac can download the Blue stack program and run the SHAREit app. This app is very easy to use and allows easy connection with PC to Android, Windows, and iPhone. You also share a complete folder from one device to another as there is no size constraint. The SHAREit is the most secure app, and your privacy is protected. Now this app is officially available for Android, and the other users can use the app very soon. To use this app, you should have a wifi connection. And you only need the internet facility to download this app, and you do not need it for running or sharing files on SHAREit. You can share any kind of file through this app. The SHAREit app also provides the facility for group sharing, and this app is now limited to Android, iPhone, and Windows Phones.

So here in this article, we have discussed how to download SHAREit for PC – Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. All the users are advised to follow the official method discussed above. And if have any difficulty or problem, then you can use the Bluestacks App Player program to download the app. SHAREit app is the most innovative way of sharing files from device to another. Bluetooth does not allow the smooth transfer of files and all are looking for an app for fast transferring of data. So SHAREit is the best app which has become very popular among all.