SHAREit for iPhone – Free Download

iOS powered phones already have a bunch of file sharing methods which work wirelessly, but still there is a scope of using a better one. That’s where, SHAREit comes into the role, and thus, I’m sharing a guide to help you get SHAREit for iPhone free download, i.e., for both iPhone and iPad devices. You can also learn our other tutorial which focuses on getting SHAREit for PC download.

The moment this app gets installed, I can assure that you will never use any other method to transfer files wirelessly between iOS devices. There are certain features which makes this method so amazing, which are as following.

Why SHAREit is better than any other app?

First of all, it never uses any old technologies like Bluetooth, or the newer NFC, rather it uses the fastest and better Wi-Fi technology. So, whatever Wi-Fi speed your device can afford will become the fastest speed offered by the application at both ends.


The way it works, it creates a hotspot connection and set it up between the two devices first. Later, it treats the source device is source server and the destined device as the receiver. And, the files are transferred through that Wi-Fi connection being setup.

The reason behind high-quality security offered by this app is that it creates a unique and new hotspot connection which is private and limited to only the source and receiver devices. No other device gets in between that connection, so the data flow is always secure.


SHAREit for iPhone free download

To get it, you can either follow the link I’ve attached below, or launch the App Store, then using the search tool, find ‘SHAREit’ app. The way you wish to proceed is totally yours.

SHAREit for iPhone/iPad

This was the link you’ve to go through and you’ll get the official installer package of the application we’re talking about. You just have to click on Get option at the App Store, once the app opens inside.

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Wrap up

Everything is done, I guess, and the app is being ready at your end. Go ahead, launch it for the first time, and see if you’ve any friend nearby to start your first file sharing.