Shareit Free Download for Android

Whether you wish to make a clone of one phone with another, or wish to share any kind of file to another device, whether it’s a laptop or computer or a smart device powered by Android, iOS, or Windows Phone OS, you need to use SHAREit and there is no other better app than this. So, here I’m sharing a straight guide to help you free download SHAREit for Android phone.

The link I’ll be sharing will be official and you won’t find any issues at all. Just make sure, you go straight with this tutorial I’m sharing. The Android devices compatible with this guide are all running version 2.2 or higher ones.

To get the best possible experience, the Android version should be as newer as possible. The hardware needs to have at least HD resolution screen, dual-core CPU, and 1GB RAM. The systems with lower configuration might also work.

Once the app is working, you can proceed with using it, and connect two different devices with the same. For the connectivity to work without any issues, both the devices need to have the same SHAREit app installed and working fine.


Once the connection is established, you can select any kind of file or folder and share it with the other device. The speed you’ll get will be way better than what a USB connection or Bluetooth or even NFC can offer.

The UI of the app is real deal, which is simple enough for anyone to understand and learn fast. But, personally I didn’t find things elegant enough. If the newer version of the app can be smoothen up and tuned up for elegancy, then surely it will become more popular and useful to mankind.

Free Download SHAREit for Android Phone

Go ahead and follow this official link to grab the file. If you open this link using the default browser on an Android powered device, then you’ll automatically be redirected to the Play store.


The page over there will possess the official listing of SHAREit and you just have to click on Install button first, and followed by clicking on Accept button from the pop-up.

Give it a minute and the app will be ready soon. After then, you can launch it from its shortcut in the App Drawer, or also at the home screen.

Wrap up

Everything is over now and I guess things went successfully without any issues. Make sure you share this guide to download SHAREit for Android phone and tablet with all your friends so that they can also come to know about this method. And, did you earlier knew that you can get SHAREit for PC download and installed?