How To Download Movies on iPhone

How To Download Movies on iPhone : To begin with you should know that downloading movies from Iphone without having a license is illegal in several countries so be warned not to download without a permit just to be safe.

Most people would want to watch the latest movies right after they are released but sometimes you will find it hard to buy all those movies as some may not be readily available in your local movie stores or even one may not afford to buy all those movies. However, this is not a problem anymore as you can now download whatever movie right from your Iphone phone all thanks to the latest arrivals in the downloading apps market.

These apps will make it easier for you to download any movies for free right at the comfort of your phone and you get to download and watch any movie at your own convenient time without having to incur extra costs.

Best apps to download/watch free movies on Iphone

These apps include the following:

1.imoviesclub app

This has come to be the most popular and used app in the world. Though not a free app, you only have to pay a one-time fee of $29.50 for you to use the app and you will never pay again. This app is recommended since you get to download any number of movies without any limits. After you pay the one-time fee you become you gain a membership which needs not any renewal. With this membership you can create your own huge movie playlist and watch them whenever you want. This app provides high quality movie files and gives you the chance to either stream the movie or download it any device which you could connect to a an external screen if you want to watch it better.

2. Amazon Free Movies app for 30 days

Its good news to all the movie lovers out there, this is due to the fact that Amazon is offering you a free 30 day trial. With this amazing app you get to download and watch all the movies and TV shows that you would possibly have in mind. One other thing is that during this free trial period there are no limitations to the number of movies that one can download. So get the app and join the 10,000 users currently enjoying this app.  It is absolutely free during those 30 days and if you do not like the app then you do not have to renew your membership plan. This amazing offer also includes an unlimited two-day shipping on items with no limits to the order size.

3. Iphone apps to download movies

Apart from those independent apps Iphone also has its own apps for downloading movies and they include:

Any movie downloader: this is an app where the user gets the chance to instantly download the desired movie directly to your Iphone phone and also watch it from there. Many users of Iphone phones consider it as their best app for downloading movies.

Movies by Flixter: This is an easy app to use as you only have to key in the movie link and you are good to go. The download immediately starts as soon as you have inserted the movie link so get this app and join in the thousands enjoying the benefits of Iphone apps.

Video downloader: this app makes sure that it saves your video files downloaded from the internet making it easier for you to browse and find them in your phone. It acts as downloader and video player and is only used for http video links.

4. The crackle app

This is an absolutely free way to download and watch your  desired movies all you have to do is grab the crackle app and utilize it to the fullest. For you to get the crackle you only have to download it and you are ready to get some movies. This is a free app and is highly recommended for Iphone 2.2+ with flash 10.1+, so go get the crackle app and enjoy unedited and unlimited number of movies.

I believe you will now be able to download and watch all the movies you would right at the comfort of your Iphone phone by using any of the above readily available apps. You can try them all out and then choose which one works out for you best. Am sure you will enjoy using any one of these apps