Free Movie Apps For iPhone

Free Movie Apps For iPhone : Though there are many Iphone movie apps, only few are considered to be the best where this is confirmed by the users of these apps attesting that they are the best apps one can use to download movies. Below is a list of such great apps.

5 Best iPhone Movie Apps

1.Get Glue app

Just like its name its keeps you glued to your phone screen watching the latest releases in the movies field. It is highly recommended for the young movie addicts because of its feature that enables you to view and share you views about a movie you have watched. This feature also enables you to see which movie has got the best reviews and therefore choose to watch it.

Get Glue for iPhone

2. Turner Classic Movies app

If you a great lover of the vintage movies and a fun of TCM, then this is the app you should be downloading on your phone. Regardless of this app being a late entry into the market, it has managed to be popular among the movie addicts especially those who love the old genre type of movies. Since this app is developed by the TCM group, you are sure to have a wide range of movies and all you have to do to enjoy these movies is just download the app.

TCM For iPhone

3. Flixter movies

This is no dedicated to all those movie addicts who like knowing what people are saying before actually watching or downloading the movie, this is because this app gives you a chance to see the comments posted about every movie. You also get the chance to share it with your friends as you tell each other which movie you rank highest.

Flixter for iPhone

4. Redbox app

This is an Iphone app designed very well with a beautiful interface.By using the bookmarks feature you get to store your favorite movies for future recommendations. This app also ensure that you are well informed about the latest releases in the movies category. It comes at a fair price of $1.99 and therefore make sure you get this app.

Redbox For iPhone

5. Movies HD

It is an excellent app when using since it has manager tab which lets you, the user manage all your movies for easier tracking of your own saved movies. If you are interested with this app it will only cost you $3.99 and you will be ready to download the finest movies.

Movies HD for iPhone

All you have to do to get any of these apps is just download them and your movie life will never be the same again.