iPhone Magazine Apps – Top 10 Magazine on iOS

Do you like reading magazines? Are you looking for apps that can help you read magazines via your iPhone? Then look no further because this article has the very best apps that you may need. These apps come with different features which I will discuss. So if you want to keep up-to-date with current news, stories and magazine issues from around the world or maybe you want to keep up-to-date with your favorite magazine then I think you should check out this list of apps.




This app helps you create your dream magazine in that it allows you to create a personalized out of everything being shared with you from social networks to articles from your favorite publications. Flipboard comes with features such as you can subscribe to individual blogs and sources using the red ribbon icon and also save specific articles for prosperity in a personalized magazine. With this app you will have a single place to browse, enjoy, comment and share all the news, photos and updates that you want to read. You should try this app as it guarantees a clean reading experience like no other.


Newspapers is an amazing app that is available to iPhone users that provides the easiest and most comprehensive directory of over 5,000 newspapers. These newspapers come with free online contents from around the world. Another important feature to note is that newspaper article links can be emailed or if you want you can save them to Instapaper and read them later when you are offline.

Fluent News Reader:

This app to me stands to be the most versatile in terms of available features. Fluent News Reader comes with some very important features which give you different options. To start with this app puts together top news sources into a single, organized and fully customizable mobile newspaper. Fluent News Reader allows you to create up to three of your own custom sections based on keyword searches. And to add to these amazing features, this app also displays complete articles without leaving the application, load-time delays and text pinching.


SkyGrid if I may describe it in simple terms is it gives you all your news in one place. This app allows you to read your favorite news, blogs and topics in a customized Photo Grid. With SkyGrid you can follow all the sources and topics you want and receive updates on what interests you. Get this app as you are guaranteed of following your favorite magazines regardless of which topics they specialize on.

Pulse News:

This app virtually takes your favorite websites and turns them into an interactive mosaic. Pulse News is very easy to use as you only need to tap on an article of your choice to see a news story. This app comes with a lot of information but its neat overview gives you the ability to choose from a wide variety of stories. It is also possible to sync stories with Instapaper, share them on Facebook, Twitter or email or even save these stories to be read later. So if you want to have a variety of news available to you via your iPhone then you should definitely go for this app.
Zite Personalized Magazine:
This app is a free personalized magazine that comes with some wonderful features. . Zite allows you to pick your topics and favorite news outlets or even ask for suggestions based on your pocket list, Twitter or Facebook accounts. This app then automatically learns what you like and delivers all the news, articles, videos and blogs. It allows you to search for any topic using the magnifying glass in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Zite Personalized Magazine improves its recommendations based on your reading habits and hence helps you discover new staff that you love.


If you have a specific magazine or magazines that you love or your hobby is reading magazines then this app suite you perfectly. This awesome app allows you to explore shop and read the best magazines from around the world. With Zinio it is possible for you to access thousands of titles and magazine issues of different topics and languages of world best digital content. Install this app on your iPhone and gain access to as many magazines as you want.

Google Currents:

Google yet again comes up with an important app that you can install on your iPhone this time to help you get news in a magazine-like presentation. Google Currents delivers free magazine-like editions such as Forbes to your iPhone for high speed offline reading. Navigation may seem difficult to follow but it is possible to look up and add custom publications. With Google Currents it is possible to turn your Google Reader subscriptions or any of your favorite blogs into a magazine-like presentation. This app also allows you to share each piece to Instapaper and some social networks. Grab this app to enjoy these amazing features that come with this app.


Newsy is an app that keeps you informed about what is really happening around the world. It does so through short videos that analyzes perspectives from multiple sources around the world. It is a magazine app that represents stories and news in videos. So if you want an app that produces daily videos that provide meaningful insight into the news then Newsy is what you are looking for.


This app is developed by Yahoo, and due to this reason you would expect it to very effective, and yes it meets all your expectations. Livestand is a magazine app that represents news and stories you want to know about in videos and photos. You can explore its publication for current headlines by running a search. Categories available include sports, news, entertainment, and celebrity among many more. From these categories you can choose the one that you want and tap on it to receive the news. Using Livestand is very simple and easy to use so hurry and get it and start enjoying this great app from yahoo.