How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Only a few years ago, the update for using water as a mode of transport was introduced in Minecraft through a water elevator. You can create the water elevator by this simple method and can increase your travelling speed up to twice as high, especially in survival mode.

For crafting a water elevator, you need some blocks and water. You can craft bricks in the furnace using clay and water, whereas the water can be found in the lake or rivers.

Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft
Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

Before crafting any sort of item, you need to switch to the crafting menu. You have to open the 3D dimension grid after opening the crafting table.

On the 3D dimension grid in the crafting table, you have to fill in the desired item to create the water elevator. Initially, the base needs to be built using 6 bricks in height and 4 blocks in width. After then, you have start working on upper floors which you have to consider three blocks above. Finally, you can seal the top for prevent it from going up. You also have to create a three block high hole for the first and second floor and through the ceiling create the hole for pouring in the water. 

After you’ve set the levels correctly by following the pattern. Now you can get the water elevator that can move up and down.

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