Download 3DS ROMs and play your favorite game

With all the latest specifications, features and advanced technologies, Nintendo 3DS became a staple in the life of every game enthusiast. It was portable, fast, and responsive- what else could a gamer dream about more. Remember the time when there were only a few handheld gaming consoles that would offer puzzles, cube games and a couple other basic games for which the interest would die down after three days or so. 

PSP is an evolutionary game station itself as well. It had many entertaining games to offer but the problem was there were only a limited number of games that you could play.  A few among many were Silent hill origins and Silent hill shattered memories. Playing grand theft Auto is fun too on PSP but then again this handheld station could have been able to play more games. Thanks to Nintendo 3DS for its ability to allow the gamers to enjoy more games than they could ever expect. 

There is a series of games that you can play to kill the time productively and most efficiently. Some of these games are Pokemon, Super Smash bros, Animal crossing, The Legend of Zelda, Minecraft, Dragon quest VII, Super Mario 3D land, Super Mario Bros, Punch club, Fire Emblem Awakening and more. The list goes on and on. You will never run out of games on Nintendo 3DS. However, the problem is that you may already have one or two expensive consoles in your hands that you regularly use for playing adventure and fantasy games. Now you are not ready to invest more into buying another one whether it be a handheld gaming station or a convention style console. In this case, you can always use two things: an emulator and roms.

 To facilitate the passion and love of connoisseurs gamers, a few renowned developers have managed to develop an emulator with the ability to mimic all the functions and features of the gaming console. Citra is one of many emulators which are working smoothly in executing many popular games of 3DS. If you have no idea as to which one emulator you need to go for, just use Citra roms. Downloading it just takes a minute or two, you need to make sure that your system is compatible with it.  In order to run an emulator like this your system must have some special features and specs. So simply download it and configure it.

After making a complete set up for the interface of the emulator, you need files for the games. We call these files 3DS ROMs For Citra in which the data of the games is stored. You can extract the database from these cartridges on your computer so you can incorporate it with the emulator. Here it works as a console and the data of the files works as a gaming memory, when you pair up the both your game play starts. Now you can download any 3DS game rom of your choice and play your favorite game on your laptop, android phone or computer system.

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