Zapya Download For Android APK, iPhone, PC & Windows

Hello geeks, you’re in the section of Zapya Download free for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Here I’ll guide you each and everything about Zapya app, How to use Zapya properly and Zapya for PC like Windows and MAC. With this people can share files from Android to iOS or iOS to Android or PC to Android or PC to iOS without having any mobile data or Internet, USB cables and other software.

About Zapya Download and why we need to use it?


These are the days people are facing many problems for sharing files between their devices. People are using different platforms like android, iOS and more but thing is they can’t share files between those platforms. For examples, we can’t share files from iPhone to Android. iOS not allow to access Android Phone  for sharing. In old days, when all iOS user worked on a laptop or computer, using USB, Local Network, iTunes, made an ad-hoc wireless network to transfer files. But iOS doesn’t make this process too simple.

We can also share file between Android and iOS using AirDrop but it will kill your mobile data package in case you doesn’t use Wi-Fi connection for Internet. There are many other cloud services available these to share files between devices. But only thing is we need to share files with free of cost and Internet.

Sometimes we can’t transfer large files with high speed and it will kill you valuable time too. Some apps doesn’t allow large files and allow only small files, photos, videos only.

It may better if we have all these feature in single application. Yes, we luckily have that application called Zapyaand its unique features will make it different from others, which is free on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Zapya Download for iPhone, iPad (iOS Version)

Zapya is the best file transfer app available for iOS devices and officially released in 2012. It is compatible to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With this can also transfer files between iPhone and PC’s like MAC and Windows. We can Send/Receive all types media files including videos, gallery, music and misc. Transfer contacts to friends or Call to the contact right from the Zapya. Most of the people doesn’t know the way how we can actually use it. If you are new to Zapya app, I already shared one step-by-step guide on how to transfer files using Zapya. I recommend you follow this tutorial for better help.

To download latest and working Zapya for iPhone, iPad or iOS. Use below link to Zapya download app.

There is no difficulties in download or installing Zapya app for iOS, you just download and install it on your iOS device that’s enough.

Zapya For iPhone / iOS



Zapya can automatically create its own Hotspot and can be used to transfer mobile apps, files, documents, music, photos, videos and more between phones (Android and iOS) or phone to PC also without having any size limit.

Users can send any type of file even faster than Bluetooth or any other.  No cellular data and USB are require to use Zapya. It’s 100% free to use.

It supports group sharing with it we can share files among our number of friends by “Connect to friends” feature. There we can able to connect the people who are connected to this Hotspot.

Connect to other device: with this feature users can easily understand to which device we need to connect. If you want to access another iOS device by “Connect to iOS device” feature, just tap on this option. MAC or Windows users can access by clicking “Connect to PC” feature.

Easy and custom setting are available for Sound, Vibrate, Auto-update, auto-import and clear cache file.

Zapya Download for Android Smart Phones

Officially, all android users can download Zapya app from the Play Store. Here, I’ll provide you the latest and working Zapya app for android. There are some good extra features available, good user interface, user friendly and more. Android version of Zapya will allow you to transfer files from Android to iPhone, Windows phone, PCs like Windows and MAC.

To download updated version of Zapya use below link. After downloading the app you just need to install it on your device. That’s it.

Zapya For Android 


Download Zapya APK File for Android device

If you are looking for Zapya’s direct Zapya APK file, then click on the link given below. There are some big advantages with direct Apk file of Zapya, with this we can directly install in our android device or can use any other devices too. Sometimes you may can’t access Play Store to download apps then direct apk file will help. Click this link to download Zapya Apk


Transfer files across multiple platforms, Can send/receive files between not only Android devices but also other platforms like iOS, Windows and MAC.

I’ve already mentioned all the feature of Zapya in the above section, all features that listed in the iOS section also available in the Android. Like No size limit, Speed and Easy, No USB cables, No need of Wi-Fi or mobile data package, Group sharing.

Another best feature is Phone Replication, with this Zapya can easily backup and transfer file from old phone to new phone.

How to Download Zapya for PC? – Windows and MAC

Officially, Zapya for Windows PC is available but only thing is users may don’t know the process of using Zapya in Windows. To download Zapya for PC, you must have Windows Laptop/Computer. It works well for all Windows version like Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10.

I’d already shared a tutorial on Zapya download for Windows, MAC and How to setup Zapya on PC. How to transfer files from PC to Phone or phone to PC. I strongly recommend you follow this step-by-step guide on it. Follow this link

How to Transfer file between phones and How to use Zapya app?

In this section, I’ll let you know how zapya app works. Just follow below steps to get started…!

  1. First your device must be installed with Zapya. Use above links to download for your respective device.
  2. Make sure that devices are should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Launch Zapya app on both devices, then click on the “Create a Group” button. Now it creates own Hotspot.
  4. Then click on “search and join” button on other device.
  5. Now it’ll start search to find available device’s network. Search until the device’s network will appear. Once you’ll find the device’s network then make a click to get connected.
  6. Now, both devices are connected to the single network so you can start transfer files or mobile apps between those devices.

That’s it.

  • Learn How? – Transfer file between Windows PC and Android or iOS using Zapya for Windows.
  • How to transfer files between iOS and Android by Zapya app.
  • Transfer files between MAC and smart phones by Zapya for MAC.


I hope you successfully get the Zapya download for your device. Then start sharing your files/apps between any platform devices with Zapya App.