Xender File Transfer For Blackberry – Latest Version

Download Xender for Blackberry smartphones which is supports to all blackberry model phones such as Z10, q10, z3, 9220, 9800, 8520, 9360, 9900, 8520, etc, Using Xender app, blackberry user can send/receive files between any platform devices including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac.

There is no restriction in the platform, users can transfer files among those devices without having any cost. Means it doesn’t require carrier mobile data, Internet, Bluetooth, WiFi connection, USB cables and any other sort of thinks to do file sharing between devices. It works by creating WiFi automatically inside the Xender app.

It allows you to transfer everything like documents, music, pictures, to videos and apps, in an instant with a few clicks. There are many apps available in the store to share files, but Xender is the best app because of its unique features. You can also try these apps SHAREit, Zapya, SShare and best Xender alternatives that you should use for file sharing.


Why should we use Xender for Blackberry?

It’s a good question because most of the Blackberry user asking me provide a compatible version of Xender for Blackberry models. Xender app for blackberry allows users to transfer files or apps not only between blackberry phone but also for other platforms devices. For example, if you wanna send a file from blackberry to iOS device then it works with Xender.

If you have PC like Windows or Mac and need to share files to/from PC then try Xender for PC, With this, blackberry user can easily transfer their file between phones and PCs with free of USB cables. It has one stunning feature called WEB VERSION, Which provides an amazing support to all PC user.

Download Xender app for Blackberry smartphones

There is no separate version for blackberry users, but it is available in both Google Play Store and direct Xender APK file for Blackberry devices. Below I’ve provided you official links to download Xender for Blackberry mobiles.


Make a remember that, If you want to use File transfer with Xender both devices should be installed with Xender application.  If you still confusing with Xender while using then I recommend you to follow my another post about how to use Xender app step by step with screenshots.

Xender Blackbary

Compatible models:

Xender for blackberry q10
Xender for blackberry z3
Xender for blackberry 9220
Download Xender for blackberry z10
Xender apk for blackberry 9800, 8520, 9360, 9900, 8520

  • All in one file transfer app- can share any kind of file using this app.
  • Cross-platform sharing app – available for all devices can transfer between these devices.
  • Web version for Windows and Mac users.
  • Faster than Bluetooth service.
  • No need of Internet, USB cable and Bluetooth connection.

The Final Verdict 

I’m done with my work and hope you guys are successfully downloaded the Xender for Blackberry mobiles without having any issue. Plese make a note that there is no separate Xender version for blackberry user but use Google’s Play store Apk file.