How to Use Xender App in iPhone, Android & PC

In this Section you’re gonna learn How to use Xender app in smartphones or PC. Xender App is the latest and hottest application over the App Stores. Yeah! Now it is the most popular name and also became a brand name in sharing applications. All Android, MAC and Windows users can interact at single point interconnection where they can share all files. Mainly this application is using not only for mobile to mobile devices but also you can share or transfer mobile to your PC. Check out my tutorial on How to use Xender for PC. It’s not a single file transfer app, but also can transfer all types of files, your favorite pictures, documents, videos, mobile applications and other media files instantly.

Do with Xender

This application is used to share files/apps from one Android device to another Android devices. Xender also works for Android to iOS and your smartphone to PC. With the help of Connect PC mode you can share files between MAC, Windows and Chromebook. When you transfer any large files via Bluetooth connectivity it’ll take more time. Bluetooth may use when we send/receive small files. Sometimes even we can’t perform Bluetooth connectivity. That’s why people are prefer Xender app for all-in-one sharing.

Learn How to use Xender app? Before that, you need to download the application and install it in your device. It’s available at main website of Xender for all Android, MAC and Windows users. Otherwise you can download it from below link.

Download Xender

How to use Xender App in Mobile Phone?

  • This is so easy and the only thing is that you need to open Xender application from your device.
  • At the bottom of right side one button will be appear and there you’ll find this ‘+’ (plus) button.


  • Click on it. After clicking that button some options will display. And then tap on create group. After completion of creating group, Wi-Fi hotspot will run automatically.

  • On the other phone- Go to the same button and choose the “join group”. After some time it’ll find your friends phones. You just tap on it and both of you connected immediately.


  • Now you can transfer or share any files which you want. For example apps, pictures, music, videos and also documents. This is it. Very easy and so simple.

How to transfer files between Android to iPhone?

By using Bluetooth connectivity you can’t share any files, pictures and other media files from Android device to iPhone. Because it doesn’t work and those two platforms are different. Whereas the Xender app works for Transferring files from iPhone to any other Android phone very faster without internet connection. You can send/receive any type of small or large files instantly.

  • Open Xender app from your android device. Then click on ‘+’ (plus) button.
  • After clicking that few more options will display. Now click on Connect iPhone.


  • Now go to iPhone system settings and switch on Wi-Fi. There you’ll find some networks then choose your android device network.
  • Once it connected, launch Xender from your iPhone and then tap on Connect Phone. Now both devices are connected.


  • You can send any files from iPhone to Android device and also Android to iOS by establishing new connection.

Updated version of Xender APK here– Xender APK Download Free- Android App


Use Xender anywhere, anytime, simple, easy and faster. Xender is the best sharing application that I recommend to people who are looking for perfect sharing app. There are so many alternatives and other apps like Xender but its unique features will makes it high in position. Happy sharing…!