VShare Download iOS – install Vshare Without Jailbreak iPhone/iPad

Vshare for iOS without Jail Breaking: Mobile phones play a major role in human man’s life these days. With the device carrying each and every task efficiently. For this, a user needs a specific or particular app to carry out the functions that he needs. Android and iOS are the major mobile operating systems these days. Android offer tons of customization of its own and iOS don’t allow that basically. So, installing cracked apps may be a hassle in iOS because of Apple’s limitations. Now, here we will guide you through how to install Vshare for iOS.

There is nothing much introduction to be given for Vshare. Briefly, it has all the paid and cracked apps available in Play Store and App Store respectively. Ideally, a user doesn’t want to spend much on an application with some apps bear a price tag more than a user can afford.  This problem is solved by Vshare for ios the application which allows users to install cracked applications on their iOS. You can also download vshare apk for android

Vshare for iOS is currently available for Apple devices running iOS 8.2 and above. And there are two procedures for installing it on your device. One is for Jailbroken device and the other for the non-Jailbroken device. So, let’s get onto the installation procedure. Vshare pro is an updated version with some extra features available for ios users only. But, to install vshare pro, you need windows PC or Laptop.

Install Vshare for ios 8.2/8.3/9/9.1/9.2.1/9.3 without Jail Breaking:

Prerequisites to Install Vshare on iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch:

Apple device running iOS 8.2 and above. Vshare ios app can be installed on iPhone/iPad & iPod Touch. Vshare is now available for iOS 10 as well. Some guys could not installed vshare on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. But, this procedure will help you with that. Follow the guide carefully to download vshare ios app and install it on your device.

Steps to install V Share for iPhone/iPad:

  • All you need to begin with is to open your Safari browser on your Apple device
  • Now, head over to Vshare for iOS official website- Vshare.com
  • When entered on to website; In the home page itself, there will be two options: Download for a Jailbroken device or a Non- Jailbroken device. Hit the Download for Non-Jailbroken device button.
  • After hitting the download button, the installer asks for approval of installation of whether to confirm installation or abort it. Hit ‘Install’.
  • When you are done with the installation, you can find the Vshare app on your home screen itself. Open it.
  • Now, it asks whether to Trust the application or not because it downloaded from an unreliable source. Don’t worry; these are Apple’s digital signatures. To trust the app, go to settings, Device management, Profiles, find vhsare related profile and tap on it. A box pops up with trust option. Tap on it
  • Wait for the application to load up and you are now ready to install apps of your own available on Vshare for ios 9.1/9.2/9.2.1.

This is the procedure to install Vshare for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch on a non-Jailbroken device. Now, we will see how to install Vshare on Jail broken iPhone/iPad.

Steps to install Vshare on a Jailbroken device:

In a Jailbroken device, there will be Cydia, which is used to install many other third-party sources to take control of your device like customization, installing paid apps, etc. Cydia is the major source for a Jailbroken device to install other apps which are not available in App Store. Cydia plays a major role while installing Vshare for iOS. Follow, the steps carefully to install Vshare for iOS on a Jailbroken device.


Jailbroken Apple device with iOS 8.2 8.3,9,9.1,9.2.1 and ios 9.3.


♦ ♦ Open Cydia on your Apple device running iOS 8.2 and above

♦ ♦ After opening Cydia, Click on manage sources at right top, then click on sources, click on Edit and Add.

‘Manage> Sources> Edit> Add’

♦ ♦ After the Add screen popup, just enter the following URL in the text space and click on Add.

URL> ‘ http://repo.appvv.com’

♦ ♦ This is the source of Vshare app and the developer has stored it in the above URL. Kindly enter the above URL only, do check twice for escaping from errors.

♦ ♦ Once the repository is added and installed. Now, just head over to search in Cydia and search for an application called ‘Appsync’ and download the latest version of Appsync.

♦ ♦ After the installation of Appsync, now you need to install Vshare app from Cydia itself. Just search for Vshare on Cydia and install it.

♦ ♦ Now, once you are done with the installation, just head over to your main screen and open up Vshare.

         Vshare is successfully installed on your Jailbroken iOS device. All you need to do is check for Cydia source update frequently to check whether there is any update to Vshare for iOS.

Errors while installing Vshare for iOS 9.0 and above:

♦ ♦ Before finishing this article, we would like to say that you might go through some errors while installing Vshare for iOS in your Apple device running iOS 9 and above. Because, from iOS 9.0, Apple has patched several security patches that allow installing these third-party apps.

♦ ♦ So, one of the major patches is that now Apple verifies certificates for each and every app which will be installed on your device. The app store has all digital signatures verified that are to be installed. Other applications from various sources need their apps to be digitally verified, this can be done manually by selecting and installing the profiles.

♦ ♦ Sometimes, while installing Vshare for iOS, you can get an error like ‘Vshare won’t install’, ‘Vshare can’t be installed on your device’. There is one common solution for all these errors which will be discussed below:Head over to Settings>General> Profiles, while installing the Vshare for iOS and hit on the profile with name ‘Fujian Zhengtong Electronic Technology’ and install it.

♦ ♦ Head over to Settings>General> Profiles, while installing the Vshare for iOS and hit on the profile with name ‘Fujian Zhengtong Electronic Technology’ and install it.

After this, when you try to install Vshare for iOS in your device, it won’t show any errors.

Features of Vshare app for iOS: As said in the introduction itself, Vshare allows you to install paid and cracked apps directly on your Apple device. Here we list some of the cool features of Vshare for iOS app.

  • It has a simple and fluid UI with many customizations and filters available.
  • The application won’t redirect you to any other website or URL, it just downloads the app there itself and installs it on your device with ease.
  • Offers to install paid apps for free.
  • You can even share apps via Wi-Fi and let others install the same on their Apple device.

Conclusion: As mentioned earlier, we are done with two methods of installing Vshare for iOS on your Apple device with iOS 8.2 and above. Follow each and every step carefully to eject yourselves from errors and if you need any help, please drop your query in the comments box located below and we will be always pleased to help you the same.