Vshare APK Download

Vshare Apk for Android is the major source for many different types of applications. There is a number that daily Google receives a minimum of 50-100 application requests to be pushed Play Store. But, a final number of 10 applications will be pushed on to it daily. Plethora of applications available for different type of uses, out of them, some are very useful and many of them are meant to be just applications which tell the entire story of Android.

Most of the applications in Play Store are entirely free for users. Some of them are available with some in-app purchases, while some of them are premium which user need to buy before installing it. But, most of the premium apps are pretty useful in our day-to-day life. Though, many of the users cannot afford to buy an application from the Play Store. In this article we will guide you through one of the best third-party market to install paid Android apps for free.

Vshare Download

Vshare is an third-party Android app market which can be installed in an Android powered device in apk market. It has all the paid application versions for free and a user need to download his desired app from that app itself. So, this market is not officially supported by Google, so installing this is a little bit hassle. However, we have gone through all the installation process and here is our clear guide of how to setup Vshare in an Android device.

Download Vshare for Android, Install Vshare APK on Android Phone/Tablet:

As we already mentioned earlier, Vshare apk doesn’t have official support from Google Play Storeand installing it is a bit of lengthy process. Let’s begin the installation procedure of Vshare app:

  • There are two ways to install Vshare apk in your device- the first one is head over to Vshare official site http://www.vshare.com/ and download the file with Android logo shown on top of it. The website itself is the major source for downloading the app. The second method is to Google search the term Vshare apk and download it from other third-party sites. However, we suggest that downloading from official site is hassle free for many including us.
  • The application is very light in weight with just over 2MB, and will be downloaded within seconds.


  • After you finish downloading the application, click on the downloaded apk file and try to install it.


  • Make sure you have enabled unknown sources in Security settings. If not just do that by Settings>Security>Unknown sources>enable the button.
  • After you are done with installation procedure, just launch the application from app drawer and leave it for a while to load.


  • The application bears a beautiful yet simple interface with minimalist design and you will definitely love it.

So, this is the procedure of installing Vshare apk on android phone. Now start installing thousands of application for vshare app market for free.

Feature Offered by Vshare APK App:

  • The major problem one would think while installing a third-party app from other sites is that they don’t provide security and will be malicious as believed by many people. This isn’t the case with Vshare as the official site itself mentions that it is 100% protected from other malware and other stuff.
  • There are other apps which compete with Vshare like Blackmart and so on. All those apps require some kind of authentication to download applications. But, in Vshare it doesn’t ask for any authentication and other stuff.
  • Android application developers are really gonna enjoy the Vshare app. Because, it allows developers to build their own applications and submit it to Vshare team and wait for the response. This is a really cool and unique feature offered by Vshare and cannot be seen in many apps of this category.
  • Vshare even lets you know the application updates as well.
  • The Vshare app also has a dedicated section for wallpapers and ringtones, which is indeed great.


Vshare is most aftermarket affirmative application with great use of its own. With Vshare on android, you can browse and see through many apps with free of cost and that too with ease. We believe that this is the most useful third-party market with great use. So, we are done with our installation procedure and features of vshare apk. If you have any query please let us know in the dedicated comments section below and we will answer accordingly. Thanks for viewing, cheers.