Vidmate Free Download For Android, iOS, Windows, Laptops & PC

Vidmate Free Download For Android, iOS, Windows, Laptops & PC : Vidmate HD Video Downloader app is one of the fast emerging apps of today. The app has become a serious competitor to other apps that have ruled the domain till date, like ShowBox or TubeMate. Vidmate HD is efficient, supports more file types than most others and gets you the best video watching or downloading experience. Vidmate’s features make it both unique and useful. Plus the interface is so simplified that you just cannot not know where to go to do any action.

The methodology of Vidmate app is simple. You go to the video you want to download, either by browsing YouTube from within the app or by entering URL of the video. Vidmate HD will have a download option ready. Tap it, and your phone will automatically prompt you with the various configurations you may download the video in. You’ll also see how much space the video will occupy on your phones in different configurations that you may download.

Let’s see what features the free Vidmate app offers to its users, first.

Vidmate Video Downloader and Live TV Features:

Vidmate has a unique combo of features that will make video watching and downloading a pleasure. Let’s see what these features are:

  1. Vidmate lets you browse the videos over YouTube or other URLs before you choose which to download.
  2. The download prompt also has a feature where it lists the sizes of various configurations that you are offered to download.
  3. All videos may be downloaded, and in more configuration options than other competitor apps.
  4. The app takes no time to download and is a breeze to use, thanks to its well optimised design.

You just cannot bear to not use this app. The features are too good to not use.

Vidmate App apk Download free:

To get the Vidmate app, you cannot go to the regular official app stores. “Vidmate Video Downloader and Live TV” is not officially available on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store, unfortunately. The means to install it is through the apk file route. You need to find the apk file online and download it to install it on your phone. Don’t worry, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. A simple Google search will give you more sites than you need. Keep the apk file somewhere you remember, because it is essential to install the app.

Vidmate APK Download

Vidmate for Android: Download free movies on your phone free!

Vidmate for mobile is a great app to keep on your device. Thankfully, the app is supported on Android, even though it isn’t available on the Play Store officially. Let the app download as an apk file from Here . Let’s talk about what we need to do next.

  1. Keep the downloaded file somewhere safe.
    You can also let it sit in your notification tray or in the download folder of your phone.
  2. Allow “Unknown Sources
    Go to Settings. Enter “Security”. You’ll find an option by the name of “Unknown Sources”. Allow it. This enables your phone to install any app that isn’t from the Play Store.
  3. Execute the downloaded file
    tap the notification in the notification tray. Or if you have it saved separately, tap the file to run it. Tap on “Install” at the bottom.
  4. Set up the app
    The app takes a short while to set up the first time you run it. Go through any instructions it might offer to you and you’ll be ready to run the app in no time!

Vidmate for iPhone and Mac: Get free movies and TV shows on Mobile phone

Vidmate for mobile is unfortunately not designed for iPhone. This is a common complaint on the app, and we can only hope the developers will come out with an Apple friendly version soon.

Read Here How We Use this For iOS : Vidmate For iPhone 

In any case, there are alternative apps that do the trick. TubeMate is a great app to keep which is supported. The features are not as exhaustive as Vidmate, but the app arguably downloads faster than any other app. PlayBox is another app that many recommend that has similar functionality.

Vidmate for Windows / Pc / Laptop

Vidmate does not come designed for Windows. So sad to say, the app will not work directly on a Windows interface. The key word here is directly. You guessed it; we have a way to get it to work indirectly on your Windows PC. The tried and tested emulator comes to our rescue! VIdmate For PC

Let’s cut to the chase; here’s what you need to do to get the app on your Windows PC:

  1. Install any Android Emulator of your choice on your device.
    Android Emulators mimic an Android interface on your Windows PC. Don’t worry, your Windows will not be touched. An Emulator will only make a mock Android system in a window when you run it.
    Andy is a great Emulator to have. Another Emulator called BlueStacks is also a great option. Otherwise you could try Manymo.
  2. Login and set up the app
    You’ll need to login to the app using a Google email account. This enables your Emulator to access Play Store to access and download the apk files. Even though we do not need to use the Play Store in this case, it is always wise to keep yourself logged in to save trouble later.
    Don’t worry if you don’t have a gmail account already. Follow the instructions prompted and you can create one directly through the app.
  3. Download the apk file Here.
  4. Run the file via the Emulator
    Simply Right Click on the downloaded apk file and select “Open With”. Choose your emulator in the dialog box that opens. The app will begin to download on its own in the emulator, and you will be notified when it is done.

That’s it! Once that is done, you are free to use the app as much as you like. Download all sorts of movies, TV shows or episodes as you like from YouTube directly. Save time, resources and energy!