Vidmate Apk Download – Vidmate APK for Android

Download Vidmate Apk : Vidmate is a video streaming application that lets users watch and download their favorite videos from different video streaming websites. Vidmate basically is an app that shows results for the searched video from a bunch of streaming websites. So, you’ll no more have to download any youtube downloader or dailymotion downloader to download your desired video.

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Along with the efficiency, Vidmate also saves a lot of your phone’s space. Where in the past you had to download different applications for different video streaming websites such as YouTube app for YouTube and Dailymotion app for Dailymotion, but now, one single app will do it all. Just download Vidmate and enjoy all the streaming websites at a single platform. You can not only watch your videos in this app, but also can download it and watch that offline anywhere anytime. Today in this article we will tell you how you can download Vidmate apk and enjoy watching and download videos irrespective of the website it belong.

Download Vidmate apk for Android

Vidmate is a revolutionary invention for all the video lovers out there who love watching videos online. Be it YouTube, be it Dailymotion or be it any other video streaming website, you can watch videos from any and every website in this app. On the interface of this app you can see a bunch of websites such as YouTube, Dailymotion etc. You can edit these websites by going into settings and put your desired website at the interface of the application.

The reason why this app is different from all the other apps out there is because when you search for a video, you’ll be shown results from a number of different video streaming websites to select from. On top of that, you can not only watch the videos but can also download it into your virtual library. The biggest advantage of downloading a video is that you can watch it anywhere anytime without the need of any internet connection. You can download Vidmate for android by searching for its apk on Google. Also, you can download this excellent application from PlayStore. Click Here (Note : Vidmate is Now not available on play store. )


Watching and downloading videos in the past was a very daunting task. You could only watch a video on YouTube or Dailymotion and could never download it and if you could somehow download it, it would have been possible due to some stupid downloader that had to be downloaded in order to download a video. The process was quite long and irritating. But now, Vidmate app has changed it all.

No need to download any YouTube or Dailymotion downloader or visit any video downloading website and paste your link there. Just download Vidmate whenever you want to download any video from practically any damn website on the planet. So if you’re someone who spends good amount of time everyday in watching and downloading videos onlin, Vidmate is the application that you must download right away to ease your streaming and downloading of the videos.

How to Install Vidmate for PC easily? 

This app is so popular that users are showing so much interest to use this on a computer also but this is not available officially for PC and mac but still you can install this app  on your device with some methods with out any problem.