Viva Video Download For Android, iOS, Windows, PC / Laptop, Macbook

Viva Video Download For Android, iOS, Windows, PC / Laptop, Macbook : If you are looking for the best video editor app for your android mobile phone, so here is the best option for you that is provided by such a wide platform. It offers you opportunities to make videos with all your available photos. Even if you have all the available photos, you may be the one among those who have been looking for a good video editor but is unable to get the perfect one that could match up with all your requirements. The Viva Video app is here to solve your problem. It helps you to be acknowledged with the best editor app that could help you to edit all your photos and pictures. You can also create videos as per your own specifications and do a lot more along with those videos.

Viva video editor helps you to create videos from the photos that are available with you on your devices like android, ios, windows pc / laptop and you can also have the viva video pro apk here. You can also make a collage with those photos and record new videos along with your selfie camera. There are several features that are also available on your android mobile.


Recently, Google has declared the viva video editor app as one of the best apps that are available on the Google platform. You can simply fetch this from the Play store and start using it to serve all your editing works. The viva video editor app has been considered as the best one among the seventy-seven countries that are present across the world. The download numbers are increasing day by day and people are mentioning good notifications and reviews for it. Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Moto G as well as all other branded android phones offer specifications to download this app and that also at free of cost. Videos are created in most of the scenarios and you can easily create collages by using this application. You can also add several effects to the app in order to provide an additional venture to this app.

Here are some of the features of Viva video app:-

  • The app provides you with a chance to work with all the best available editing tools with a professional touch. They are easy to use as well as handy in terms of understanding.
  • You can trim and merge the videos and the sections in it as per your personal desire.
  • It also helps you to support all the multi-capture options like the FX, funny, collage and selfie along with much more.
  • You can also play prank skills and create slideshows of the images available to you.
  • You can make the piece of art and share it over any of the social networking sites.

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In present days, along with the advancement in technology, there have been several features that are capable of making strong impressions in your mind regarding your past events and memories. Most of the android phones that are available in the present market have got a high quality of rear as well as front cameras through which you can easily capture images and videos. Nowadays, whatever applications are available; they are specifically designed for the sake of their usage in the desktops. If you make a survey regarding this barrier, you shall find the majority of the software is equipped for working on the desktops, but there is hardly any good variety of application or software that can be utilised in the mobile phones. Mobile phones offer more handy usage faculties than that of the android phones. You cannot carry your laptop or desktop to each and every function or ceremonies that you generally attend. In that case, mobile phones meet your purpose. You can easily capture the videos and edit them as per your own will by using this viva video editor app. The videos that you have recorded in your mobile phones can be lend with a different touch by editing those applications in the mobile itself. The Viva video editor app facilitates you to work with your images and videos even within the android platform.

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This app allows you to create amazing and wonderful applications and thus, you can simply share any of your particular moment with your friends, near and dear ones as well as your relatives by just making a record of that specific moment.

In the entire Video editor app category, viva video editor has been considered as the best one among all the other available varieties. You can easily achieve a track of all your memorable experiences which shall be staying with you all throughout your life. The viva video editor app helps you to get an opportunity to make each moment of your day absolutely a perfect one and convert them into a work of art. The app also consists of several professionally qualified editing tools that are very simple, easy and handy to use. It also allows the users to trim the videos and merge the video clips as per the desire of the user.

Moreover, you can also add your own titles, quotes and FX as well as fonts to make it more attractive and charming. You can also add dubbing and make subtitles in order to enhance the glory of the video. It would be absolutely a blunt one if you fail to add any kind of background features, music or sound effects to your video. Make it more interactive by adding music tracks and stickers to your video. Add a music that suits the theme of the video track in order to mix and match the item with what you have already recorded. You can also create a reverse effect to the recorded item in order to meet with a kind of flashback mode. The addition of simple moves would also be an interesting feature. You can also create slow and fast motion tracks and thus it is popularly termed as WYSIWYG, which means that What you see is what you get! This means that you can preview the item that you have created before getting hold of the final item. This feature helps you to achieve an estimation regarding your final output.