Mobdro Download – Android APK, iPhone, PC

Mobdro is a new application that will serve as a god avenue in finding the free video streams online that you can enjoy on your tablet or android phones. On a constant basis, this application is searching the internet for the very best video streams for free and it will bring it all there on your device. With this application, you will be into:

Discovering. With its capability to search video streams all throughout the world on regardless of what language or topic it is about, you discover a lot. The application is made to make discovering new things for you easier and in a more fun way.

Sharing. Whatever video you are watching, you can share it with your friends to let them know what you are into. And that is possible with just a click.

Capturing.  If you used to watch videos online, with Mobdro you can now do it offline. Through this app, you can download your favorite video streams and have an access to watching it whenever and wherever you feel like watching them.

Bookmarking. Organizing your file of video streams here are made more convenient here all for you. With the player history, you can simply filter and organize your streams by topic or by language.

With Mobdro application your video streaming experience is about to get better and much more fun.  This app is made to continuously search the web in order to provide you with video streams that are of high quality with just a little effort from you. In this app, a video streaming world is waiting for you to be discovered.

Download Mobdro app for:

Download Mobdro for Android

With all the possibilities and opportunities that Mobdro app has to offer with our video streaming, the idea of downloading this app in our android is irresistible. In our world, finding time for everything is quite a difficult task. That difficulty is what this app have accurately solved. With this app, you no longer need to go to your browser and browse every site just to watch your favorite TV shows, movies and more. While streaming in this application, you will also enjoy HD quality videos.

Unlike other android files and apps, though, this one is not downloadable in the Google Play Store.  In order to get this app, you will need to download it via a third party source.

But do not worry, there is no need for you to sweat over downloading it.  With this method, you can surely get yourself a copy of this application.

How to Download Mobdro APK in your Android

  1. First, enable unknown sources. When we say unknown sources it refers to sources other than that of Android Market. This decision is in order to be made for you to download Mobdro app. With that, you need to allow installation of the app from apps that are non-market. To do that just go to your home screen and tap the menu button. Choose Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources.
  1. The box that you will see there should be ticked and then click the button OK for your confirmation.
  1. Download the APK for Mobdro. There will be a given site that you need to visit and from there, you can directly install the app. Mobdro For Android 
  1. In your notification panel, there would be a notification to appear. Pull that panel
  1. Upon you click the notification, there would be a confirmation for continuing the action. Just select the confirm option and the installation of the Mobdro app in your android will start.

Enjoying this application in your android will be hassle free with this simple steps that will guide you in downloading the app.

Run Mobdro for Android

Now that you have finally installed the Mobdro app on your Android, the power to watch anything you want is now in your hands. If you want to watch pre-recorded videos or a live streaming, with this app that is very possible. You can do it while you are just sitting pretty or even when you are on the move.

Watching whatever you want is now made easy through this app. All that you need to know now is how this app work. You can choose from the video streams collection this app have online. With this easy to step to follow, you can now enjoy video streaming wherever and whenever you want to.

  • Just go to your menu and open Mobdro. The home screen for the app will then appear. One of the best things about this app is that you can understand its layout easily as it is very straight forward.
  • On the top right side of the app, just tap the button for search.
  • Type whatever it is you want to watch. If you want to watch live streaming in NFL for example, just type NFL. After that press ENTER.
  • Upon clicking ENTER, that will provide you with a bunch of results from what you have typed. Just find the one that refers to what you are looking for and you can enjoy watching it.

These simple steps are all that you need to do and you can then start watching whatever video you want to watch there in your android phone.

Download Mobdro for iPhone with Alternatives

Regardless of how amazing this app is, it is a sad truth that this is not available in Apple Stores just like with the Google Play Store. There is no official known source that can provide you with Mobdro app.

This is no reason to be sad. Even in this situation, you can still find a way to get an access with this APK and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The availability of this application is only exclusive in their very own site. With that, you cannot download it from iTunes or Google Play Store as they are no listed on it.

With this guide only, you can download the application in your iPad and iPhones. In addition to that, this comes with the best of the alternatives to it.

How to Download Mobdro App for iPhone

As it is available only on their site, for you to download Mobdro on your iPhone or iPad, just visit their official website and download their APK there directly.   But since the launch of this app version is not yet fully launched, you might like to try its alternative.

Hotstar App for iPad or iPhone: An Alternative for Mobdro App

Hotstar app is an application that is quite a good alternative for Mobdro. It is available for iOS, Nokia Asha, and Android. To download this app, here are the simple steps that you need to follow.

  • Open iTune as it is an Apple Store. After it opens, search for the Hotstar application.
  • As the search is completed, you will see the icon. Just click the button for install.
  • There would be an authentication process that you have to undergo. It will ask for details on your Apple ID.
  • Right after this, the installation will then start. Once the installation is completed, you can now enjoy all the videos in there.

While you wait for the launch of the iOS version for Mobdro app, this alternative will do for now. It has features that will also make your video streaming fun and enjoyable.

Showbox, Moviebox, Playbox, Popcorn times are similar and perfect apps to entertain online movies streams, videos, TV serials, Shows and more

  • Showbox: It is the most popular and useful application for iOS gadgets, Which allows users to watch as well as download varied kinds of Movies and TV Shows. It is a great experience to watch entertainment stuff on smart devices such as iPad or iPhone.
  • MoviesBox: Another cool movies application available on the internet which offer different genres of movie content in various languages. Watching online movies without sign up is awesome because we don’t need to offer money for the subscription.
  • Play View app: It is the newest application available on the web and aims to provide free high-quality videos and all types of films such as action, fantasy, comedy, drama, and the like. We can also download any kind of stuff from this app.

Download MOBDRO for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and Mac

Want a huge collection of Movies, Videos, TV Shows via the online streaming app right from your computer laptop or smartphone? So get ready folks, here is an extraordinary online streaming application available for not only for mobile phones but also PCs by the android emulator.

Now Mobdro constantly searches the web for best video streams from  your PC too. Enjoy the streaming online with large User Interface and High Definition video clarity.

Get Mobdro for windows 7/8/8.1/10 by Bluestacks app player with the simple guide. Not officially available for Windows users. Developers may come up in the future as per their promise.

Install Mobdro on Mac by android emulator called Bluestacks. It is the best Android emulator in the present days and available for both Windows and Mac.

We are now heading to download Mobdro app for PC including Windows and Mac. Developers are not officially released the Desktop version of it, but I’m here to help you to download Mobdro on PC (Windows and Mac)with the help of android emulators like BlueStacks, You wave and other.
Click on below link and follow my step by step guide:

Get the Updated Mobdro APK (Pro/FREE) File Here

Like all application, Mobdro app is also updated every now and then. Its features are improved and enhanced to give you a better video streaming experiences. There are also new features that will surely make you love this application even more.  Now the only question left is, where to get its updated APK file.

All the updated and latest version of this application is available on its official website. Just visit their site at and find the link that will redirect you to the direct download of their latest version.

With this, you can enjoy all the new features and the enhanced ones and enjoy a better video streaming.

Mobdro APK


Features of FREE and PREMIUM Versions of Mobdro App

Mashing with Google in search for all those amazing videos you want to watch is no longer necessary. With the Mobdro application, you are provided with the one-stop service that will provide you access to all those videos. The main feature of this app is its free video streams that we love. But that is not all that this app has to offer. Here are some of the features we can enjoy from this app.

  • It allows you to watch a live streaming of videos, movies and TV shows online.
  • It is user-friendly and using it is so much fun.
  • The live streaming it can provide is available on all devices, your smartphones included.
  • The online streams that you can find are from all over the word and they are of different categories.
  • They have highlights for music, sports and for a lot more to provide.
  • Here, downloading the videos is also possible which enables you to watch even offline.
  • You can share all those videos that you are watching with your friends that use Mobdro as well.

There are 2 versions of this app. The free version and the premium one. In the free version, most of the features are available. They have also added an extra feature for it which is the advertisement. Here, while you are watching the videos you like best, there will be some ads that you will have to see.

The premium version, on the other hand, will let you enjoy additional features that the free one cannot provide. Those features are the live events, chrome cast, download option, sleep timer, and the cloud share.

In order for you to get the premium version of Mobdro you have to download the free version first and select the option for ‘Go Premium’. You will need to pay it via Pay Pal or other payment options available.

Install Mobdro on Chromecast

It is the streaming app that not only available for mobile phone or tablets but also gets access for chromecast users. It is always better if we can watch all the media stuff of Mobdro directly from the TV using chromecast setup. With it, we can play movie or TV show with HD quality on big screen. I have made the step by step procedure to make us of chromecast app to stream content from app to TV.

In this session, You’ll able to learn how to stream free Movies/TV shows from Mobdro app to Television via Google Chromecast. Make a remember that you don’t need to have any other third party tools or separate procedure for this setup.

Your Mobdro app must be the Premium version because pro version built with Chromecast integration. If you still getting confuse then follow my another guide on how to set up chromecast with Mobdro.

If Mobdro is Not working on your Android device, Kodi, Chromecast [Fix here]

If it is not playing video streams error or getting problems on android phones, Kodi, Roku, Chromecast then fixes here by tapping this simple steps. It is the best premium version of streaming application available for the most of United Kingdon and United states of the user. Now its popularity going viral in the world.

Because of its outstanding functionalities, now it also rolling on Kodi and Chromecast users too. The best things that we can experience is to watch Channels, Films, Shows, News right of our device is may be a smartphone or tablet media players once you installed this app.

looking for the content is quite simple on this app, just install the Mobdro app on your required device and search for your online entertainment stuff.

My side of the view, feeling very blessed with it because it doesn’t cost but also available pro version for premium features.  Developing side of this app is cool because it is creatively flawless and it has gone through many changes regarding bug and its fixed.

Finally, you’re at the point in which you can solve your problems on Mobdro by using this super useful guide on Mobdro not working on Kodi, Chromecast, and PC.

***Frequently Asked Questions***

Here is the list of question that is frequently asked concerning the Mobdro app.


What is Mobdro?

Mobdro is an app that serves as you tool that is constantly browsing the internet for available free video streams and made those videos accessible through the mobile devices you have.

How to get Mobdro?

The Mobdro APK is exclusively available at their official site at Just click the download button in there and be guided through the process of installation.

Is Mobdro app for free?

Yes, it is.But this app has 2 versions – the freemium and the premium. With freemium everything is free but with premium is not. In order for you to enjoy its extra features, you need to pay for it.

How to purchase Mobdro?

After you downloaded the free version you can then subscribe to the premium version by simply tapping the Mobdro logo and choosing ‘Go Premium’.

Found the categories lists are empty . Wha can I do?

It’s a common issue that anyone can get if our device uses the default DNS server. Set your network settings to use Google public DNS.

To do that open the Setting on the device and select Wi-Fi.

  • Make a long press on the current Wi-Fi network and click on Modify network.
  • Enable Show advanced options by a tick mark.
  • Change the IP settings to static.
  • Now, add the DNS server IPs to DNS 1 and DNS 2. ( DNS 1:, DNS 2:
  • Tap on the SAVE button and reconnect to the same network.

Struggle while watching video streams by slow and stuttering. Need help?

Every user will surely get this effect due to weak network or check your internet and try again. If your Internet connection is good then it’s a bandwidth problem, you may read the maximum.

I got “Parse Error” message. How to fix it?

It only happens when your device is not compatible with the latest version of Mobdro that it claimed for. So, you must have  Android 4.1 or later.

Premium Version

How to remove the ads?

In premium version, you can be free of that advertisement. You just need to purchase it from inside of the app.

Can the streams be downloaded?

If you are in using the premium version, the live streaming can be captured and save in your device. In addition to that, you can also define your capture’s time limit.

Is the premium version usable in different devices?

Yes, it is. Just ensure that you will log on your device using the same account that you use when you purchased it.

How will the extra features in premium version be enabled?

After you have tap the option for ‘Go Premium’ in the navigation list, you should then tap the ‘I’ve already purchased’ option. Your purchase will be checked by Mobdro and it will then enable those features. Just ensure that the email you are using is the same account that you purchased the app with.

What to do when some streams are playing slowly or stuttering?

Check the internet connection then try again. If it does not work, may be the problem is with the bandwidth capacity and that you have reached the maximum. In this case, Mobdro has no solution for it yet.

When ‘Check your connection’ message shows, what should be done?

If there is a problem with your connection, it can be due to using an older version. Visit their site and download the latest version for the app.