SHAREit New Version – Transfer Files Between PC & Android

To do this, you need to first Download SHAREit for PC, and then download SHAREit New Version on any Android device you’re having. Both of the guides have already been shared on this help blog, covering everything about this highly praised application.

Now, its time for you to learn how to transfer files between PC and Android devices using this SHAREit application. I can assure that the process involved is simple enough to help you get over with everything.

Also, you don’t have to install any other thing. Just make sure that Wi-Fi is turned ON at both the devices and so you are ready to move ahead with the actual process.

SHAREit New Version Updates

How to Transfer Files between PC & Android device

Transfer Files Between PC & Android Device using SHAREit-1

Now, finally its time to learn the exact process. Go through the simple instructions mentioned down here.

Step 1 – I guess the Wi-Fi is turned ON at both the devices, and SHAREit app is ready and running. If not, then do these things first on both PC and Android device.

Step 2 – If you want to send file from PC, then click on Share button, or else, click on Receive button. On the other hand, if you want to send file from Android device, then tap on Share button, and in other case, tap on Receive button.


Step 3 – In either case, select the files from different folders and sections available at your screen, on the device with Share button clicked.

Step 4 – Once you’re done with the selection, then click on Next button and a scanning process will begin, looking for the other device in the range.

Step 5 – Once the second device is discovered, you’ll have notification regarding the same and then the file transfer will take place wirelessly, and automatically.

The moment transfer finishes, you can access that file on the other device without any issues.
Before you can begin with this procedure, make sure you put a unique name to the app at both devices. This will help you remember the device easily, rather than some morse code or any other code thing.

Also, make sure the devices are placed as close as it can be, otherwise, you may not get the fastest possible speed.

So, this was the whole method and I guess, everything happened, as it supposed to be. Go ahead, and share this guide to help other friends learn this method, if they are also not so tech nerd like you. Peace!