How to Change Storage Location in SHAREit App?

This is a very common problem for a normal user who don’t know his/her way around the SHAREit application. If you’re too facing problem in how to change storage location in SHAREit app, then here’s a tutorial written for the same.

Do note that this coverage is based on the latest version of SHAREit application, which comes for free for AndroidiOS, and also available in the form of SHAREit for PC.

Change Storage Location in SHAREit app

The procedure is straight and simple, but the option which chance storage location in SHAREit app, is hidden inside. To help you completely, following are the steps written. You need to go through in the app, as mentioned.

Step 1 – Click on the Me button available at the bottom part of the screen.


Step 2 – Now, you’ve to click on Settings button.


Step 3 – Finally, you’ll have an option to change the Set Storage Location to either SD card or Phone storage.


The procedure was this simple and I guess you didn’t find any issues, whatsoever. Make sure you share this with all your friends online who might get hard time getting over this.

The reason why you might want to change Storage Location in the SHAREit app is because the SD card storage or the Phone, i.e., Internal storage is filled completely. Also, this option works for the received items only, as you’re allowed to share files from both external and internal storages. One more thing to note is that the option will never be available on the iPhone or iPad, that’s primarily because of the unavailability of the external storage support in the devices.

To further help you, we’ve shared detailed SHAREit app review, and everything related with it. You can also watch our video tutorial to know everything about the application. Cheers!