SHAREit for Windows Phone Download Free

Even if the number of total users with Windows Phone platform is limited to around 5-6% of the total throughout the world, the users are still there and they are looking for quality apps. In most of the cases, the quality apps aren’t available for the platform, but luckily, SHAREit for Windows Phone download is available.

This guide is going to provide the direct but official link from where you can get the desired version of SHAREit App. The reason why you’re looking for this guide is because no one else was offering the official link directly, at least as per your past searches.

Or, in case if this is your first time, then you are at the right guide which will offer you the safe and sound method. Just make sure,  you follow the link I’ve attached.

This app uses Wi-Fi, one of the safest file transfer and sharing technology to do the file sharing between the two compatible devices which are having the app installed. It is platform independent, which makes it further impressive.

So, you’re finally having a method to transfer files between Windows Phone and Android, or Windows Phone and iOS powered devices, i.e., iPhone and iPad. You don’t have to pay anything for this to make it happen and that’s another good reason to try it out once.

I can assure that you’ll find everything happening as it should be and also going to like everything. Later, you’ll hardly stop yourself from getting addicted.

Download SHAREit for Windows Phone

It is time that you get over with this special requirement. So, open this webpage in the default browser on your Windows powered smartphone and finally follow this link over here to grab the app.


The moment that link opens, it will trigger the Store app of your phone, with official listing of the application opened. Over there, you need to click on Install option ahead and the app will begin downloading on its own.

Now, the three dots will start flowing above, and once they are done, SHAREit on Windows Phone at your end will be live and available to use. You can also install the same app on computer or laptop using our detailed guide on how to download SHAREit for PC.

Go ahead and share this helpful guide with your friends online. Peace!