Tinder Without Facebook – How to Use Tinder without Facebook

Tinder without Facebook is the best dating apps where we can do many people hanging out or seeking the best guy to make the relationship long.This Tinder dating app helps the to find a guy who can make our life Dream.In this day so many people want to know the tinder without Facebook why this kind of query arise what is tinder in the Android market.

Then we will face lots of problems when we sign up by using the Facebook then we will get lots of unrelated friends from the mutual friends and we can date them .Am i right so in this case we need to forget about all the fb friends we need to concentrate on tinder online of our Dating guy .So this Especially created for this purpose to make new Guy where we can date and spend lots of time with them.

When we sign up by using the Facebook app then it is difficult to manage our friends list because we know so many member from the fb list ,we need the unique people who can Date with us.then in this post i will tell u how to use Tinder without Facebook but some people don’t know how to use tinder .so your are in the right place where i will share the best tips you can you use tinder without Facebook .You may Can Disconnect the Fb login id for using the  tinder com app.

How to use Tinder app without Facebook:

Below i will show how to use tinder no Facebook id as we are all have the fb login id i know some people don’t have fb login id is it True ,Just Kidding .Lets Start ….

Tinder Without Facebook:Follow the steps Below:

Step 1:

So many people might don’t want to use the Facebook Old Account where it contains ur private pis ,Details and many more We Recommend You to create the new Facebook Account I am not  saying to create the Facebook Fake Account .

  • We need to create the Facebook Account or Create Facebook sign up with new account Details.
  • Add some of the details of yours like College School and other Dont keep the Contact Info put in Privacy.It Could be real address and last name may keep in privacy.
  • Adding the Details Of you Contact Add some Few Pics of Your so that the tinder download app get take the Best Pic For Profile Pic.
  • After the completion of Facebook creation you Should wait to visit the Tinder dating site App.
  • now press Setting from the Left Corner Button.
  • Next, click on App Settings then Logout, confirm and logout Account.
  • After doing so, you will be logged out.

After succesful New creation of Facebook for tinder hookup guy ,then u can use this tinder app by having limited Details now u can easily use this app.

Step 2:

After the First step succesful then some people might want to use this tinder app by using the old account .so now we have the best Next way to use this Tinder app with no Facebook id is by creating by the new privacy account .


  • Navigate to Fb Login id then enter the details of Facebook account then Press the Lock option in the left side corner .
  • After the pressing the lock option ,it will display many apps option Below.
  • So many lost will appear Below then u need to “”click on more Setting App””,you can see more apps which will link to your account.
  • In the App Seek Box just Enter the Tinder app in the search box it will show u the logo and app of tinder after that u can Click on privacy setting and keep the “”Only Me””.
  • Tinder can not publish the post on Behalf of Yours.
  • Now your friends don’t know that you are using the Tinder app.

Wined Up:

After the using the working method of use Tinder Without Facebook so u need to follow each and every method Which shared Above.Now u can use the tinder by using without Facebook.