Tinder For PC, Mac, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Xp/Vista (Laptop/Desktop)

Tinder for PC is  an awesome app that provide your exact match for dating.  We share some working method to Use Tinder app on operating systems. you can Download and install Tinder on your Desktop, Pc, Laptop, MacOS and MacOS X running Windows 7/8/10/XP.

Tinder is a fun way to meet new interesting people around you. Swipe to the right if that person pleases you or to the left to ignore. If you like someone, a match is created! Chat with one of your matches or take a picture to share a moment with all your friends . It’s a new way to express yourself and share with friends.

Tinder offers a mobile app, available on Android and iOS  to meet men and women quickly and easily. A simple flick of your finger can give you satisfaction in terms of online dating and that no matter what you are looking for we find any kind of profile Tinder!

How Tinder works

After downloading the application, a simple registration will ask you some information about yourself to start looking geographic location such as your geographical position but also your age and sex. This information is important because they will pick you different profiles near you that will satisfy you.

Different members will be proposed and therefore it is up to you whether you like it or not the photo. If you fall under the spell of one of the members and that it is reciprocal, you can begin a discussion with it and why not transform this virtual meeting with a real encounter.

Tinder: The Dating Application that’s Creating the Buzz

The meetings on the Internet is difficult. It is not clear on who you fall and mistrust still required. The new application, Tinder and approximate GPS they sweep the fears and other dating sites or applications they will join the garbage?

Everything you need to know about Tinder, the app that is revolutionizing the dating

Surely you’ve heard of Tinder. No? Up session. Yes? Read on, you do not know everything.

There is 1 year battery, a small startup in Los Angeles launched an iPhone app dating. So we said, still a dating app, it’s everywhere, it’s been 10 years that harasses us with dating sites, leave us alone. Yes, but. Tinder is something else, it is a new way to connect to interesting people.

Tinder Mobile Dating

Much is mobile, local, social. Much more than a marketing trend that we hear at conferences, Tinder does in reality. Tinder is available on mobile. We do not on the desktop web and all the better, the goal is to use it in everyday life, wherever you are. The mobile interface enables a simpler design, more effective. Also, geo-location is the weapon of Tinder, one no longer asks you to specify where you want to meet people, the app tells you directly what the people who are close to you. Easy.

Tinder is much more romantic than to meet in a cafe. The phone is now something very intimate, it’s as if he was part of all of us. It’s just a new way to meet people, and this leads to real meetings, which comes in activities that are normally done as going to a bar, but having the option to dredge upstream privately .

The magic of Tinder is able to meet one-click (or finger movement) of people in real life, that we like and nearby. What more.

Your Picture is your most Important Asset on Tinder Site

What is interesting with Tinder is that the concept goes against the current global e dating industry.

Today, dating sites want to be as comprehensive as possible, it forces you to list all your passions, your interests, your education, languages ​​you speak, your sporting activities, books you love, the movies you’ll see, your fashion style, if you smoke, if you drink, what diet you practice your religion and billions more detail, only to arrive at the following conclusion: WE TAKE IN FOUT!

But seriously, a couple does not necessarily meet the same people. I love rock and electro, if it is I’ll fall in love with a girl who loves jazz. I often drink alcohol, it means that I am forbidden to meet girls who do not drink? A feeling that does not catch on a scientific combination details.

Personally, I do not care to meet a girl who is blonde, brunette, blue eyes or brown eyes, who likes rice or vegetables, who speaks five foreign languages ​​or none, who loves Woody Allen or Titanic, which makes the fencing while I do the running. Seriously, who cares. What I want is the girl likes me physically, we have a feeling by talking, and it continues, period.

And that’s exactly the premise of Tinder, back to simplicity. I do not know what interview, one of the founders of the app (I think it was Sean Rad), said that the basic idea of ​​Tinder was the focus of the photo. And everything was thought to focus on the photo. He said in particular that in the end, undeniable importance is given to the physical, and physical determines whether one will appreciate the mind. This is the first step. If you dislike the physical, you do not like the mind. So much to talk only if 2 people are fond of each other physically. That sounds simple, but 99% of dating sites have completely missed it.

Tinder works as in real life. When walking in the street or when you are at a bar, looking at the girls nearby, judged in a second if we like it or not, and if we want to talk to him or not.

This principle of simplicity, Tinder extends throughout the experiment. A name, a photo, interests / possible mutual friends, and that’s it. To you to do the rest.

Tinder, The Dating Game

Tinder, it is especially a fun concept. Far from a dating site, banal and too serious, Tinder is positioned as a fun game, where the user interface is as simple as possible. A profile at a time, finger wagging at the idea of ​​approving the picture that you see or send stroll. And start again, new profile, new photo, with all the surprise and excitement it can generate. And it endlessly until you get to the end profiles. Then this is the game confirmations. Is such as guy like me? Is this girl going to answer me? Hop, it’s gone, we play.

Above all, this is really the personality of the app making it a play. Tinder is the app to cool, we do not take the head, it is not there to find the love of his life (although for the anecdote, there are 65 official marriage proposals following a meeting on Tinder). We come to have fun, relax between stressful times, on the bus, in the sofa for a painful meeting.

People have the impression that if it were not on Tinder they are at a disadvantage because many of their friends have the opportunity to meet new people in a single finger movement.

As a game, Tinder is addictive. Notifications are expected as a drug. Someone like me in return? Awesome! Someone wrote me? Yes I have a button! It’s like chocolate, the more you have, the more you want. We want the messages, we want people who click ‘like’, we want to meet more people. Sometimes we just want to know that you please. Ego booster simply and it makes us happy.

Download Tinder for PC, Laptop, Windows & Mac:

Following are three working and testified method which can help you to download and install Tinder for Laptop , Pc Windows & Mac. Follow step by step and enjoy Tinder on pc.

Download Tinder For PC Windows Using BlueStacks

Method 1 :

  • Download And Install Blue Stacks on your Pc.
  • When Installation Complete Launch it and add your Gmail account to Use Google App Store. (Go to->Settings->Accounts-Gmail)
  • After Screen Loads Up Click on the Search icon and type app name : Tinder and hit enter
  • Choose the official app, which is probably appear on first position.
  • Click on install button. First it’s start downloading. Once Downloading complete and then it will be install.
  • Now you’ll be at app page, here you have to click on install. It will start downloading the app and once the downloading is complete, Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money will be installed.
  • Now Give Permission to this app to access your system information. Click on Accept when you’ll see the pop-up.

APK Method For Blustacks

  • Download Tinder APK File.
  • Download and install Bluestacks: Bluestacks
  • When installation Done, Double click the APK File.
  • Once The APK installation is complete open Bluestacks
  • Locate the recently installed app .
  • Click the icon to open it, follow the on-screen instructions to play it.

Method 2 :

  • Download Nox App Player and install on your Operating System.
  • Now download the Latest Tinder APK
  • Click APK to start installation via Nox App Player.
  • Wait a while and Let Nox to install the APK.
  • Once The Instalation complete, Its will appear on Nox.
  • Just Click on Icon and Launch it.
  • Now Download the App Data and Follow the on-screen instruction.
  • let’s taste it and enjoy on your PC.

Method 3 :

  • Download the Remix OS Player on your PC.
  • Open the Remix OS Player & Go to Play Store.
  • Search “Tinder” on Play Store.
  • Install it by using the Remix OS Player.
  • When installation finish you will go to home page of Remix OS Player and find the newly install app.
  • Click on the icon and enjoy it.

Tinder Plus?

Since early March 2015, Tinder offers a premium version to guarantee more meeting. This paid version will entitle you to “likes” unlimited but also to two new options: Passport and Swype!
Passport and give you the opportunity to place you where you want in the world (and will not require geolocation to place you), profiles of cities you wish you can so you proposed beings. Ideal to prepare the ground waiting for a future trip for example. When Swype, it will allow you to permanently cancel your last “like”.

A 100% free version is still available, but you block the use Tinder 50 “likes” every 24 hours.