Viva Video for Mac ,iOS, iPhone/iPad

Viva Video for Mac ,iOS, iPhone/iPad : Hey mates, we are back with brand new tutorial of the best android / windows(Microsoft) / iOS app download online for free on all the smartphone get this app and all the fun starts with the viva video filters text fonts, background change and all other amazing features is now live on iPhones / iPad / and MacBook pro free download which let you use this app on all the iDevices and iPlatforms with free of cost for the Viva Video free version.

Do you ever thought this method of the video editing and short film shoot app on your smart phone and edit videos / movies and your favorite slides on the go when ever and wherever you want? The extremely impressive inbuilt features will all be updated and guided you through this tutorial to get this app just follow the quick steps while we encourage all the versions of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6S and all the other ipad and Macbook with necessary requirements.

Here onwards you can see the vivavideo free video editor for iphone along with the live preview that allows users to check / preview instantly that the videos you have edited on this application . After pre-release in 2013 this viva video pro app also gaining its own reputation for pre titles and post production work on all the movies / short films and youtube prank videos.

The Prank feature in viva video allows you to make the fun pranks with all your mates and record it edit it and instant social / youtube upload like a cake walk all the things happen in few seconds that’s the vivavideo is very help. Now we look forward that how we can download the viva video app on iphone / ipad (ipad mini) and / MACbook versions of 5.1v with it’s launch on 3 new countries of Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia with t’s all new UI design to edit movie and video / slides

Viva Video Download Requirements

The required configuration is very simple unlike other apps no extra software / hardware interface required for your iphone to enjoy this app just follow these simple steps and get the app download in seconds on your mobile.

Viva Video for PC 

For iPhone : Latest upgraded version of iOS 8 and above (iOS 10 required for all features and ultimate user interface) can be downloaded on iPhone 4s, iPhone 5S/5C and iPhone 6,6S,6S Plus {Free App} along with 60 MB of free space

For iPad / iPad Mini : As same as iPhone iOS 8/ 9 and above is suggestible along with 100 MB of free space

For Macbook / Mac OS Desktop : Latest upgraded OSX along with graphic card if possible (not so important as it already have inbuilt one) and free space of 200 MB

Viva Video Download for iPhone / iPad

The process to viva video download on iPhone/ iPad is really very simple that involves in and iTunes account that you already have on your iPhone and iPad you can just go through it / Login to iCloud and then follow this LINK to download the Viva Video for iPad and iPhone. The official download link is given again at the end of this tutorial do check and have a safer download with more updated features.

Viva Video Download for Macbook

Unlike the iPad / Iphone download the viva video download for macbook take a bit lengthy process that involves in installation of an emulator on your macbook pro or desktop that allows you to have the android cum iOS apps on the Macbook / laptop all the thing you need to have and best emulator.

Δ Viva Video for Laptop ∇

We suggest you the leading android emulator/ Ipadian emulator to download the viva video app that allows you to download this app on macbook. Go through / for the latest version of emulators download.

  • You need to have 2GB of free space.
  • 2GB RAM
  • Active / Speed internet connection
  • iTunes / iCloud account to have this app on mac. After check listing all these requirements now you are about get the viva video app on iOS.

Follow these below simple steps and get this best ios video editing app on your iPad , macbook for free online

  • Click on the .exe file downloaded on the macbook / laptop and the installation starts with it.
  • Click on “ continue “ and use “ Express Settings “ to install the emulator for free and speedy way
  • You need to login out of iTunes devices and now again login to the iCloud account to get the viva video app download on this app
  • Goto -> App Store and select “ Viva Video Free “ app to install it for free.
  • That’s it . all done, to download and install this free app on you Macbook.

Viva Video Features


  • As already discussed previously we can share instantly on all social platforms as soon as we edit online app.
  • Selfie, FX, Cartoon, Text background changing enabled in this one of the top rated video editor online.
  • Editor also includes Dubbing, FX, Trim, Music, Transition and many more on iPhone, iPad download.


That’s it mates hope you have downloaded this app successfully on your mobile for free and this will be the best fan blog for viva video so you can stay tuned and comment your queries for free in the below comment section and also make sure you frequently be in touch with us more regular updates on the Viva Video.

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