Download Line for PC, Mac, Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista

Line for PC the best instant messaging app, download and install Line in few minutes, make free calls with Line for PC. Enjoy with Line for PC Stickers and send free text messages. Line for PC, Line untuk Pc, is the japanese instant messaging app available for almost all communication platforms. LINE for PC is available for the main operating systems of mobile devices as Android, Iphone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Nokia Asha. Besides, it is possible installing this great app on your computer: LINE for PC for Windows OS, Windows 8 and Mac OS.

LINE for pc is an app developed by NAVER, some apps from NAVER are Naver Line CameraNaver Line Cardor Line Cafe. It seems to be that a really hard competitor wants to put Whatsapp in the shade: Whatsapp is the typical app of messenger services, Line PC allows you to make free calls and videocalls.

Nowadays, Line for PC is available for download in more than 30 countries and has over 200 million of users around the world. Line for PC is available in the most important countries such as United Estates, United Kingdom, Germany, Indonesia, Spain and wants to get part of other markets.

The best of Line for PC is its continuous incorporation of tools so you can communicate with your family and friends in different and fun ways, such as Line Snap Movie to record your own videoclips.

Download Line on your PC is very easy, install Line for PC is very fast, do not wait more for Line PC the best app.

Download Line for PC and install on your computer

Line PC app, as much for Windows as for MAC version, allows us to have synchcronized all chats that we have on our smartphone and in the same way, all chats that we start on our computer, they will be synchronized on our Smartphone automatically, thanks to Line PC the best app of instant messages. Apart from chatting and sending multimedia files, allows you to make free calls from a Smartphone to other Smartphone, from a Smartphone to a computer, from a computer to a Smartphone or from PC to PC.

To use this great App, the first thing you need is download the app on your smartphone and register an email account in the app itself of the smartphone. Once you have install the app on your smartphone, you need to download Line for PC. You can download Line now in this link link.

Once you download Line for PC, then you must install to run this file and follow the steps it tells you wizard.

When the installation of Line for PC has been finished, we will see a shortcut to Line on the desktop computer. We click on the Line icon in you desktop and a screen will be opened asking the email account and password. In these fields, we have to put the same email account and the same password we put on our smartphone app and click to Login.

Once logged in Line PC, it will be showed a list with all our contacts that we have on the phone and all chats we have opened will be synchronized automatically.

Line for PC works just like the version we have on our phone, if we want to send a message to a contact, we click on the contact and a chat is opened with that contact. Here we could write, send images, videos, emoticons, stickers and we have the option “Call free” that allows us to call this contact so free.

Line PC available for multiple platforms

  • Line for iPhone.
  • Line for Android.
  • Line for Windows Phone.
  • Line for BlackBerry.
  • Line for Windows.
  • Line for Mac.

Line for PC and Free voice calls

It seems that there should be some kind of cheating, since at first sight free voice calls seems a bit odd. Line is free, you don’t need to pay anything to any phone operator by placing a call with Line. This is because Line uses our data connection to send the voice, this technology is not new, it is known as VoIP or Voice over IP. It works just like SKYPE, but with the special feature that you can call the phone number of a contact and not the email account of the user as SKYPE does.

Download Line For PC from Here

Line for PC Features

No words to define the characteristics of Line PC as the Smartphone version. This instant messaging app is gaining users every day and the fact that every day get thousands and thousands of new users lies is the unbeatable features offered this application.

Some of the features most valued by users are:

• Ability to create chat rooms with more than 30 contacts.

• HD quality voice calls.

• HD quality video calls.

• Hundreds of free and fun Stickers.

• The pc version of Line is synchronized with the mobile device.

Text message feature

To send a text message with Line for PC is very easy. Just follow the next steps:

1) Click on Line icon.

2) Search the contact by clicking on friends icon and then select it.

3) To send a message, select “Chat” option.

4) Type the message using the keyboard that is showed by clicking on the spacebar.

5) Send the message by clicking on the “Send” button.

We are coming soon with new Line PC features. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Line PC news

• Line hits 10 milion users in India in 3 months.

• The latest update of Line improves the quality of chats and voice calls. Also includes new features such as video calls.

• Record your own 10-second videoclip with background music thanks to the new feature of Line called Snap Movie.

Gallery Line PC

Line has a lot of Apps available for you. Just download Line Pc and go to tab “more”. Here you can find the most popular Apps from Line like:

  1. Line Camera.
  2. Line Cards.
  3. Line Brush.
  4. Line Stickers.