MSQRD For PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista & Mac

MSQRD App Download APK Android, iPhone, PC for Free :  Check out the best MSQRD App from here and have fun. It is one of the best downloaded and viral app this weekend, and it’s going crazy. From here you can directly download MSQRD App for Android and iPhone or in fact even you can use MSQRD App for PC if you have a webcam! The App name is the short form of Masquerade Technologies, Inc which is the owner/developer of this amazing app. This app is now the latest trend and even snapchat took the initiate too add similar kinds of features like face swapping such as this MSQRD App provides.

You can face swap with any of the celebs, for example I like Emma Watson, using this app I can have Emma’s face on my face! Isn’t it sounds interesting? Right! Yes indeed. The best part is, you can click not just selfies, pics but even videos! And this App is available for both the platforms for Android and iPhone as well. And don’t worry I’m gonna tell you how you can use this app MSQRD on your PC as well.

The app comes with just 4.8 MB in Google Play Store and and up till now it has got more than 10,000+ downloads within very short span of time. As App Store doesn’t shows the number of downloads we cannot give you exact accurate numbers but still the app is picking up very fast these days and people are loving it!

You can download MSQRD APK file from here to directly download the app without using play store, just in case if you’re getting any error, as old android phones are probably having many downloading errors from play store.

MSQRD App Download Apk for Android, iPhone, PC

MSQRD App is really easy to download and install and once you’ve downloaded it, it’s pretty easy to use it as well. And let me tell you, to install MSQRD App for PC is also really simple and it’s not rocket science to understand. So sit back and relax and go through the below tutorial.

In order to use MSQRD App you need to acquire your face front of the guided lines. The application identifies your face and by utilizing some modern calculations it changes over it to some other amusing confronts like monkey, tiger, pooch, feline, and so on. You can likewise change your face to some hollywood VIPs like Brad Pitt, Kylie Jenner and so on.

The App is really entertaining and one can not just face swap but also can move lips, teeth, eyebrows etc. And MSQRD App allows to save the pics and videos you make via app in your gallery and camera roll as well so you can upload it and share it with your friends!

Download MSQRD APK file for Android App


As I said earlier, it’s really easy to download MSQRD APK file and run the app. It’s really easy. All you need to do is follow the below steps which I’ve mentioned, and you’ll easily understand.

Download apk

  • Go to google play store and search for MSQRD in search bar.
  • Make sure you’re signed in with your Google Account.
  • Now Click on Download button, once downloaded install the app.
  • Now the app will appear in your screen or notification bar.
  • Open the app and enjoy!
  • You’re done!

The MSQRD Download App is completed and it’s available for Android 4.3 and the latest versions. Sadly it’s not available on older versions than Android 4.3!

I’d hope you liked the MSQRD APK file and now you’re enjoying the application. Use to to swipe face, swap face and make yourself and other’s look funny! And don’t forget to share it in your social media accounts.

MSQRD for iPhone Download ( iOS )

MSQRD App has many more faces and features than what SnapChat offers. Although MSQRD came first with this idea and later SnapChat adapted it. It allows you to add real time filters on your face by swiping faces with celebrities and adding funny and attractive filters on your face. You can click selfies and even make videos with it.

It’s really simple to download MSQRD on iPhone and it’s not a rocket science. If I can do it, you can too Just follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open App Store on your iPhone.
  • Now in search bar, search for MSQRD App.
  • Now Click on Install button. Enter your iTunes (iCloud) Apple account password.
  • And let the app download.
  • Once download is completed, you will see the app appeared on your iPhone.
  • Open the App. And enjoy!
  • Voila! You made it!

This App works on most of all the versions of iOS. Including latest version iOS 10 as well. So there’s no worry, you can download it and enjoy swiping faces with Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Download MSQRD App for PC

In order to run MSQRD App in you PC or Macbook or any other laptop, there’s two things you’ll need. One is a webcam, which MacBook will obviously have. And another is you’ll need to install third party emulator in your to run MSQRD APK file.

You can either Download Bluestacks or Youwave emulator, whichever you prefer.

And it surely looks complicated but trust me it’s really simple and easy to run MSQRD on PC. Just follow the below mentioned steps.


  • Firstly download Bluestacks emulator. (It’s free)
  • Now it’s interface will be as any other Android smartphone.
  • So now sign in to your Google Account.
  • Now there will be a search box at the top, search for the MSQRD App.
  • Click on Install and the app will be downloaded and installed automatically.
  • Now, open the app! You’re done! voila!

MSQRD is the best app and really funny. I’m myself very addicted to it. Swiping faces with any celebs and using it’s in-built funny features is really awesome.


Facebook recently acquired MSQRD App in order to compete with the most engaging SnapChat. Facebook is also planning to include MSQRD features on their live platform but it’s gonna take time. Still we’ll keep you updated about it .