FaceTime for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 & Mac

Download FaceTime for PC or Computer available on Windows 7, Windows 8 easily. We are presenting this tutorial which is all about how to install FaceTime PC application quickly without any issue. Also, the process which we are going to follow is very easy to understand.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into the tutorial.

This post is for you which can help you to use FaceTime for PC. I’ve seen many app fans who love to use their favorite programs on every device they use. Regardless of the app that can be obtained for his or her device operating system.

FaceTime is Apple video chat application that is developed by Apple. It may be used on distinct iOS platforms quite readily. It let you video chat with family, friends, and family, or officials. Also, it is hardly expensive to use; it’s only 99 cents.

It’s very easy to use FaceTime PC App as users should just enter the contact number to do a phone call and have video chat if you’re looking for reaching your buddy on another iPhone. And if the receiver is on Mac, iPod or iPad you then can begin phoning and must input the receiver’s e-mail.

FaceTime for PC Download: Introduction

It’s similar to Google and Skype hangout. Since it’s free to use the app, but it needs one to have Apple ID and Wifi connection so that you can begin using it. It’s the greatest video phoning programs within the marketplace.


The video quality of call gives you unusual encounter while speaking to your family or friends and the audio quality can also be more than amazing and offers excellent voice quality and minimize all sounds and is High Definition. It let you block all FaceTime calls in case you are not in the disposition of speaking to your buddies afterward.

FaceTime for PC is easy to use; you’re not required to master skills or any expertise to begin using FaceTime. It’s straightforward, simple to use and the user-friendly video phoning app within the industry.

It’s entirely your decision to whom to attend or block the call of. It’s the whole bundle with security that is great to keep your calls private and safe. So you should not worry that your calls might get leaked since their safety is never compromised on by Apple.

Now let’s talk about the options that come with FaceTime.

  • Greatest audio quality that is much better that phone quality
  • High-Quality video quality while phoning, High Definition Video calling is supported and doesn’t cause disruption
  • Also, it let you block FaceTime calls; in case you are not in great mood to discuss
  • It’s the best user-friendly app
  • It’s 100% risk-free app

Download FaceTime for PC or Computer:

Without taking your more time now allow me to take you to the measures which are the main base of this post.

  1. To begin using FaceTime on PC, you have to download Android emulator, Bluestacks in your computer, once it’s downloaded just start with installation.
  2. Setup will take a while. By using your Gmail account, you must setup Bluestacks.
  3. And if you’re new to Android and Bluestacks, then to open Gmail account and then click on New.
  4. Once Bluestacks is entirely set up, then you happen to be all set.
  5. You must Download FaceTime APK from Here.
  6. Now it’s going to automatically begin installing FaceTime.
  7. Once FaceTime for PC is downloaded, follow on screen directions to start using it.

I’m sharing all the steps that you have to follow to be able to use FaceTime on Mac.

It’s incredibly simple to use FaceTime for Mac, follow these measures:

To begin with, visit App Store, Search for FaceTime App and directly install it from the iTunes store.


I would like to make several things clear; this isn’t the official process to get Facetime on Mac or Windows devices. It isn’t even accessible for Android since Facetime Program is an Apple app. Yes, there are lots of choice to Facetime for Android (Scroll down to the base to take a glance at the options). Now Apple is eager to keep Facetime just for Apple devices just, and we won’t be able to see the Windows version (FaceTime PC App) or any official Android of the Facetime app anytime soon.

It’s made specifically for iOS users. It was made the iPhone users and came in 2010. Since it’s beginning, it’s been used widely in all the variations that were iPhone.

In this age, social media is becoming a significant part of our lives. You’ll find countless users who need to attempt something new to socialize with their friends and nearest and dearest. Is one those programs which favor societal connections. Apple Inc in the year 2010 started FaceTime App. All of us understand Apple is a huge brand in the technology world now.


Facetime was created by Apple particularly for its users to appreciate the video calling feature. On account of its quality that is wonderful, there are many Windows users who love to experience Facetime for PC instead for their present choices like Skype or Google Hangouts.

It’s the same application like Skype, Google iChat, etc.; FaceTime application was formally made for only Apple products. Facetime has an edge of double cameras and is an excellent program for iPhone.

It is determined by the device you need to connect with, through Facetime. You only need to dial their contact number, if you need to call in your buddy’s iPhone. But if you need to contact your partner on their iPad or Mac computer you’ll need to type his/her e-mail address. A single e-mail address may be used for registering multiple iOS devices. Facetime also can be activated by pressing Facetime button when you are on a voice call.

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The popularity of Facetime has created the requirement for Windows OS users also. Till Now Apple hasn’t yet created a Facetime version for Windows users.

You must be interested to understand the characteristics of the fantastic app which you are going to experience while using it on your Windows or Mac PC and named as Facetime. Here are some top popular features of Facetime:

  • The audio quality on Facetime for PC is better than the standard cell phone connection.
  • It’s intuitive and user-friendly app.
  • If you’re not in a mood of being seen while speaking, it’s possible for you to block all Facetime call.
  • Facetime users don’t need certainly to purchase it.
  • It supports High Definition video phoning.
  • It gives a real-time experience of meeting with your family and friends.
  • If you need to socialize with your family and friends Facetime is a fantastic app.
  • All that’s necessary is 3G information network strategy or a WiFi connection in your mobile.
  • There aren’t any charges of phoning. This makes this app so unique really why the key word “Facetime for PC? is so popular today, and that’s.

Would you like to use Facetime, but you’re not an iOS user? Would you like through Facetime on your Windows PC to video chat with friends and family? We must read on to understand not or whether you can, in fact, get Facetime for Windows.


Well, now you and friends and family can join through Facetime and keep in touch with them for hours via your Windows notebook or PC.

For downloading Facetime on PC the minimal conditions are:

  • Windows (Xp/7/8.1/10)
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Webcam
  • Good Internet connection

One of thing that is best is which you can use Facetime app on your PC free of charge.

This is the most straightforward approach for downloading Facetime app to your notebook we’re going to tell you. You only need to follow these easy steps right to get Facetime app on PC.

Step 1: First of all you’ve got to download the most used android emulator like Andy

Step 2: Now search for FaceTime and install the app.

Do you actually wanna understand just how much it’s going to cost you for using the Facetime on your PC? NOTHING!!! You will not be charged anything for it. It’s completely free.

You’d not be unable to use app that is Facetime even being a none- user that is iOS & that all will be without any price.

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Download Facetime for PC Windows 10:

Microsoft started its most anticipated Windows 10 before in 2013, and it’s undoubtedly the most talked for sure about OS significantly because of this Windows 10 were made by the IT giant free for all. In case you are like me who need to play Facetime in it, and has installed Windows 10 on PC then check this guide.

We are going to direct you on the procedure using which you will end up able to play with Facetime on Windows 10 without facing any problem whatsoever.

For running Facetime on Windows 10, the procedure is like using it on some other Windows OS version quite same. That’s it!!

Facetime app is developed by the mighty Apple Inc. itself, which is arguably most valued the business of the world now. So it’s fairly clear that Facetime for Mac OS is accessible only for Mac users and all the iPad around the world as it’s an Apple product.

Being an Apple merchandise user, you don’t download Facetime to your Mac PC. You can directly connect to your pals and can appreciate the benefits of not squandering your time in downloading and installing Facetime for the Mac PC.


Can it be Possible?

All of us understand there is a continuing competition between Apple Inc. and Google for so many years. These two businesses are active and incredibly influential in the industry that is present. As Facetime is an Apple product, it’s hardly likely to see an Android variant of the app anytime soon. We sure it will be kept by the Apple direction to Mac and iOS just. Now, you only can’t download Facetime on your own Android Smartphone; it is impossible for sure.

Facetime Specific FAQ Part

Question: Why is Facetime not working ?: How you can Solve?

Ans: Then don’t stress yet if you’ve got this problem of Facetime not working on your device. Follow this guide to solve it in no time and you simply need to keep composure.

  1. First, make sure you have data plan enabled or are either connected to a WiFi network. Check whether Antivirus or your firewall is blocking the network or not.
  2. [P.S: So that you can use Facetime your cellular info carrier should support the app to your area.]
  3. If you run into to “Waiting for Activation�? message display, then restart the app.
  4. In case you are unable to see the Facetime placing on the screen, then you must turn from General Settings on Camera and Facetime. To accomplish that simply visit “Settings”>> “General “>> “Restrictions”
  5. Double check e-mail recorded and your cellular telephone number under your Facetime account.
  6. Restart your phone or device and upgrade it to the most recent iOS variant accessible.

Now let’s understand more about the FaceTime PC app with the help of frequently asked questions.

FAQ about FaceTime on PC:

Question: FaceTime is paid or free app?

Reply: Facetime is completely free. The only price you may incur is the expense of WiFi or the information you’re using to phone your buddies. Apple doesn’t ask you for using FaceTime just one cent. It’s one of the great things about Apple apparatus.

Question: Does Facetime use call charges to be decided by minutes?

Reply: Nope, Facetime only operates like Google or Skype Hangout.

Question: What information Facetime uses?

Answer: Yes, Facetime uses information and then offer its users free calls.

We’ve got already given you with means to run FaceTime on PC running on Windows 10 or Mac. Now you will be guided by us with the best way to put it to use the app on iOS 7.

New Info: 21 January 2016

It’s placed to come by the end of the year and with this, you’ll be capable of using your iWatch keep in touch with them from your comfort of your wrist and to see your pals. Fantastic, isn’t it?

New Info: 11th March 2016

A patent has disclosed Facetime for PC might be focusing on a 3d characteristic because of its calling facility. The patent talks about using reflective walls to create a 3d hologram-like picture of the individual on the display.

How To Install FaceTime On PC.

  • First Download It From Here
  • Open and Install It.
  • Installation done, now open the app.
  • Once open, it will show you your face and ask for Apple ID and Pass.
  • After entering the ID and Password, it will automatically sync the app with your contacts.
  • Now open a contact and start calling.

FaceTime for PC Alternatives:

Being an Apple’s property, its unique id has been set up by Facetime app in the social media programs. But you will find an option that you can use instead of Facetime app are Viber, Skype, Google Hangout, Tango, etc. All these programs are not incompatible with Windows PC. These programs are a tough opponent for Facetime app. These are the best choices connect with your buddies who aren’t Apple users and to use.

I hope that you enjoyed this fantastic guide on how to download FaceTime for PC on Windows 7/8/8.1 and please visit our website again in future, i.e., SHAREit for PC.