Shareit File Transfer – Review

The app has been available since a year, for the smartphone and PC platforms, and that’s why it has managed to attract millions of users so far. If you’re a total newbie at this page, then this is an app which can help you transfer files from one device to another wirelessly. Yes, there is no need of USB cable or Bluetooth connection, or even NFC.

The app brings everything inside and you don’t have to bring anything to the table. Just install it, if its compatible to the device, and then it will be ready to launch and offer its services of wireless file sharing.

SHAREit Review


To start with, the very first thing which user needs and affect them, is the speed at which file transfer gig takes place. The speed is pretty awesome, thanks to the special technology it uses. The actual speed of file transfer offered by SHAREit is the exact speed which the Wi-Fi connection on your device can afford.

Now, a Wi-Fi connection can afford speed in MBPS easily, so the same speed is delivered to the users, straight. This is the reason why SHAREit is way faster than Bluetooth and any other technology known so far for wireless transfer.

Also, if you’re still stuck using USB 2.0, then the speed offered here will be faster than that USB connectivity as well. So, its pretty awesome, what you’re getting inside and thus, it covers the first part pretty good.

The next thing is that how easy it is to setup and to transfer files and folders. You just have to install it, which isn’t a terrible process at all. Then, start the app, put a nickname to the device, and then you can directly choose whether you’re receiving a file, or wish to share.

Any option you choose, you just have to tap once, and then the other device will be visible, doing the appropriate thing. The moment, file transfer is over, you’ll get a notification regarding the same on its completion.

You don’t have to do any Wi-Fi setting, as its all taken care of by the app itself. You don’t need to go into any details at all. Also, the UI is pretty simple and good enough to make you feel addicted from the very first moment.

The only app which is better in UI, is the Xender. If you’re interested in knowing all the SHAREit alternatives (linked), then I’ve already covered them.

So, speed is awesome, setup can be done by any rookie, and UI is simple. What’s left for an app to be super popular and favourite among millions?

Well, the only thing remains is the portability. The app is available for smartphones, tablet devices, and even Windows computer online. You can check our homepage to get details on how to download SHAREit for PC or individual platforms.

The platforms missing so far, are BlackBerry Phone OS, BlackBerry OS 10, Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu. Out of these, I’ve personally found a method to install SHAREit on Mac (linked), which can be checked, if interested.

So, this is all from my side guys. Turns out that the app is really awesome, and millions of users are using it for the same reason. Is there anything else you wish to know details about?