Which Technology is Used by SHAREit app?

This is a very grossing question, if you search it on Quora or any other online forum. Everyone is looking to understand the method behind SHAREit application or the technology used by SHAREit app. First of all, let me share why such programs became popular and replaced the USB transfer method.

It was very easy for hackers to gain the administrative privileges of a computer or laptop by infecting a USB drive. It was damn easy and very hard for the software like antivirus to perform a complete clean.

So, lots of research were going on to look for a method to replace the traditional USB drives and get a method which can be safe and even faster than the USB drives. This was an obvious challenge which was answered by apps like SHAREit. FYI, this application is also available for desktop platform. You can check our detailed guide to download SHAREit for PC to understand everything.

Which technology is used by SHAREit app?

Now, coming back to the main question, the technology on which SHAREit relies is Wi-Fi. You all have heard its name and it’s the best method to share internet data or get multiple devices wirelessly connected. Every modern smartphone has this feature, and the flagship ones have the latest version of it.

Back in the days of earlier Android devices, there was a feature named Wi-Fi hotspot. Using this feature, you can share the data of a cellular network with other devices using the technology. It was damn easy and totally safe to use.

What used to happen in that method is that, the data use to travel from one device to another by the means of this Wi-Fi hotspot. Later, a feature named Wi-Fi Direct was also introduced which used to function similarly but at an even improved data transfer speed.

Now, the same method is used by the apps like SHAREit, and its alternatives. It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot connection from the source device, and the other device gets connected with that connection.

Once the connection is established and both devices can talk to each other, the file transfer can take place safely. Since, there is no other person allowed to get in between this connection unless allowed by the Source, there is no way a person can hack this connection and get hands-on the transferred data.

This is the reason why SHAREit app is safe than USB data transfer traditional method, or any similar one.

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