SHAREit File Transfer Alternatives – Apps Like SHAREit

To be honest, there are no better alternatives to SHAREit application, because this one is so damn good, that you don’t need to look elsewhere. Still, if you’ve some concerns related to the SHAREit application, then you can share it in the discussion section, and we’ll try our best to come up with a perfect working solution.

Best SHAREit Alternatives

In other way, you wanted to know the best possible alternatives to SHAREit app, and so, here we’re with a dedicated compilation, covering the same. All you’ve to do, is to go through this list, and make sure to share it with all your friends.

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#1 SuperBeam

There is a limitation with this application, as it relies on NFC connectivity, which isn’t onboard with every devices known to mankind, but if you happen to have a smartphone with NFC facility, then SuperBeam can deliver even faster data transfer speed than SHAREit.

It looks damn simple, and even elegant than any of its competition. Additionally, the app was available before any of its competitors, which makes it old enough to be trusted. To activate the file transfer between two devices with SuperBeam, you need to begin the procedure, and then place the two devices with each’s rear side in contact. It comes in Pro version as well. You can download SuperBeam for Android and iOS only (also available in Pro version).

#2 Xender

Xender is one of the true alternative and main competitive to SHAREit application. You need to get it installed on any compatible device and once it’s ready, file transfer is a peace of cake. The app looks gorgeous and straight simple to start with, which are the prime reason why users prefer it.

The app keeps record of the files shared, if you need access to that data in coming future. It allows file sharing, and even helps users to share Apps and Games, wirelessly. But, this feature is limited with few platforms only. You can download Xender for AndroidWindows Phone, and iOS devices.

#3 CShare

This one is a slightly old looking app, but it can truly serve the purpose. Music, Video, Picture, App, or whatever other kind of file, you just name it, and the CShare will be ready to transfer it to the next nearest available device in reach. Do try it out once and let us know how you feel. The app is available only for compatible Android devices.

#4 Zapya

Zapya is among those limited apps which are available for platforms like Windows Phone, which is very rare. Although, you can find SHAREit for Windows Phone officially, but having its competitor with the same coverage, offers us some options to pick. The app looks simple to start with, and it can literally replace the one you’re done using.

The user interface varies from platform to platform, and its Android version is farmost the best known yet. I’ve seen it on Windows Phone OS powered Nokia Lumia phone too, and it doesn’t look that impressive, to be fair. Still, it manages to do the job pretty well. You can download Zapya for AndroidiOS, and Windows Phone devices.

#5 ShareCloud

This is the app which works with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Hotspot, or Dropbox, Google Drive, or Email, Facebook, and even with WhatsApp. You just have to install it once, and then select your method of sharing a particular file. Since it covers such a long list, which are probably missed by most of its competitors, it is slightly heavy, and doesn’t manages to offer the fastest possible speed.

It looks simple, elegant, if that’s what you’re looking for. And, if the number of options offered inside, looks good, then feel free to get it from Google Play store without paying anything. The official app is available only for Android device, but some Windows Phone versions are also available.

Over to you

These were the best application we can find, based on our own detailed knowledge related to the subject, and also on thousands of reviews shared by happy consumers. If you need any alternation, then feel free to share your concerns in the discussion section below. You can check our tutorial to learn how to download SHAREit on PC to learn more. Peace!