Why SHAREit is The Best File Sharing Application?

The reason why SHAREit is the best file sharing application are being discussed here in this coverage today. I’ll try my best to include each and every point which is related to the stuff you’re looking to update your knowledge with.

The first reason why this app is so popular, is because it has been available for almost every known computing device to the mankind in 2015. Yes, probably the one which are widely used by consumers.

You can find SHAREit app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, and even for the Windows computers and laptops. The only devices missing from its grip are Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu powered computers and laptops.

But, I’m pretty sure that the developers must be coming with a dedicated version soon.


The second best thing is that it uses Wi-Fi connectivity for file sharing, which is currently the most secured method of file sharing, if everything is done in a right way, i.e., the connection setup. This is another reason which makes the app very best and way better than others.

It doesn’t require both the devices to be capable of Wi-Fi Direct feature. Rather, just one of them is required to have this feature, and the second one can then communicate on its own.

You don’t need to install any separate software or driver to make use of the services offered by the SHAREit app. Also, its developed by Lenovo official developers, which clearly indicates that there is nothing to be worry about or think of its credibility.

Last and far most the most important factor according to normal users, is that the UI is very simple and can be understood instantly. You don’t need to look for any user guide at all.

The one and only thing bad about this SHAREit app is that its UI isn’t that elegant in design. While, its competitors like Xender look pretty awesome and are also simple. If developers are reading this then if they can fix this one issue, then it will definitely become the number one in every aspect.

Was it helpful or not? Did you know that it is possible to download SHAREit for PC and use the services on laptop or computer? Check out our detailed tutorial on SHAREit for PC to know more.