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Download Tubi Tv APK : Are you tired of paying so many dollars to watch your favorite video, movies, and seasons online? No longer do you want to use Netflix and Hulu because they are getting out of your budget now. There is a simple solution for you in the form of Tubi TV APK which is a free app and offers as wide variety of videos as any other video streaming app or website does. The videos do have commercials but as compared to cable TV, they are fewer in number and carry the undeniable advantage of being watched anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Are you wondering about the quality of the videos? Do not worry because all the videos are available in HD. Following are the amazing benefits that all the android users can enjoy after downloading this app in their tablets or Smartphones:

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Tubi TV APK for Android Phones and Tablet

  1. No subscription charges:

There is no need to register with your credit card on this app because it allows free streaming of some of your favorite videos. The makers of the app do not believe in ‘paid entertainment’, therefore, the goal is to provide as many free movies and TV shows as possible. The only thing that the people have to face is advertisements but they are very few in number.

  1. New videos added every week:

The app keeps on updating itself every Friday with new shows, videos, and movies so that the valued customers do not miss on anything. As soon as any video gets on any other paid app, it also makes it way on Tubi TV. No matter how new the video is, there is no compromise on the quality.

  1. A number of genres available:

Tubi TV is the largest library of free videos and you can choose from a number of genres including action, drama, horror, comedy, animation, and even a number of Korean movies. Whether you are looking for low-profile movies or some Oscar winning performances by your favorite actors, you have it all on just one platform.

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  1. You can even discover some of the hidden gems or find the latest videos to watch:

Most of the time, it gets very hard to find some old videos on the internet but this is not the case with Tubi TV. Some of the oldest videos are available on it to satisfy your taste for rare gems. Even the latest videos and movies are uploaded without a delay.

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  1. Create your own playlist or bookmark a video to watch later:

Make your personalized list of some of your favorite videos or bookmark the ones that you want to watch later, all the features are available for the android users on the app.

  1. Multi-Device Syncing:

Synchronizing between your android device and any other media where you want to play your video is possible. You can even resume the video from the same point where you left it on some other device.


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The app is also open to requests and suggestions and readily add any movie, TV show, or video that is demanded by any of their customers. This has to be one of the most attractive features offered by them given the fact that the users do not even have to pay a dime for any video that they choose to watch. The app is a perfect answer to all the people who have a love for movies and TV shows. Check all the new videos that are added on Friday and spend a good weekend while watching some of your favorites.