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Tubi Tv App – iOS / iPhone / iPad / iPod : Are you looking for free legal videos because no longer do you want to pay for watching some of your favorite movies, videos, or TV shows? There is a perfect answer to the needs of all the apple users in the form of Tubi TV app which will prove to be a wonder for them because it does not charge even a single penny for the wide variety of videos that it offers. The app is compatible with iOS 7.1 or more and is perfect for use on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

You can download me for Android: Tubi Tv APK

Tubi TV App Download for iPhone, iPad & iPod

  1. Watch all your favorite videos for free:

You are in complete control and can watch any video absolutely free. There is no need to enter your credit card or spend even a single dollar to watch some of your favorite movies. The videos do have commercials but they are very few in number as compared to the cable TV and the option of watching the videos anywhere, anytime, and on any device is also there which one cannot avail on cable TV.

  1. Keep a look on the international hits and some hard-to-find old videos:

Is some international flick or a movie from the 70’s and 80’s stuck in your mind but not available on any online source for you to watch? Check out Tubi TV’s app because there is a high chance that if you didn’t find it anywhere else, you’ll definitely get it here.

  1. “Not on Netflix” and “Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes” are not to miss:

These two categories are the best section of the app where you can find videos that are not available on the video giants like Netflix and are highly rated by the most reputed website respectively. This has to be one of the main attractions for all the apple users.

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  1. Create your own personal queue:

Make your own playlist and manage it according to your mood and need. You can even bookmark some of your favorite videos so that you can watch them later or even, again and again, if you really love them.

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  1. Sync your account with other online devices:

The app provides you with the opportunity of syncing your videos with other devices like Apple TV, Xbox, Roku, and Amazon and you can pick up from the point where you stopped from any other device as well.

  1. New videos keep on adding every Wednesday:

Every new video is added on Wednesday so this is the day when you can open the app and look for the new movie that you have been waiting to watch. The animated series are uploaded a day after they are aired in Japan and you can also watch some of the most popular Korean dramas on this app.

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Tubi TV has a small team which is passionate and focuses on providing premium entertainment to the users for free. There is no need to visit those illegal websites or download such apps that bombard your computers or mobiles with malware and pop-up windows. You have to bear with the ads because the website believes in paying all the content partners who put in their hard work to bring you high-quality videos for free. There are many apple users who are happy with their Tubi TV experience and so why not you be one of them?