You Tv Player APK Android & iOS/iphone

You Tv Player is a great application to watch Tv channels on your android phones. There are very few applications like this one. You Tv Player Android App is the best among them. You can watch most of the popular channels on your android phones or tablets. This is great, isn’t it? In this specific post, I am going to show you how to download You Tv Player APK on your android phone.

Before we download You Tv Player APK on android phones, let’s see some features of this application. You can watch Tv channels from different countries. You can play movies using You TV Player. You can also watch top and the latest Tv shows like Game of thrones series. This application won’t let you miss anything related to Tv, if you have it on your phone. You can add your own channels on this application to let other users watch it. These are the basic features of this application. There are so many other exciting features as well. You will come to know them one by one while using it. If you want to use it on bigger screen, Follow the instructions to download You Tv Player for PC

This is a brief introduction on You Tv Player Android App. Now, we will see how to install this application on your device. We need to download You Tv Player .APK to install the application. Please share this post on social media to tell everyone about this.

Download You Tv Player APK for Android:

We are all android users and we have been using it for years. We know that we can install android applications from Google Play Store. But, that is not the case here. Unfortunately, You Tv Player app is not available on Google Play Store to install it directly. That’s why we must download You Tv Player APK file manually to install the app. Where can you download the latest YouTV Player.APK file? You can get it from here.

You TV Player APK Download

  • We are going to give you the genuine source to get the application. You can trust this and download the file from here.
  • After downloading Latest .APK of YouTv Player, you need to install it on your phone.

I hope you all know how to install the applications manually on android phones. There might be some users who don’t know this. So, I am going to explain it in a clear way. So that everyone can install the application successfully.

  • After downloading the application on your phone, go to the location where the file was saved and tap on it. This is the first step to start the installation.
  • Some users may get an error like “You can install the apps at this moment” when you try to install it. There is a simple thing you should do to fix it.
  • Go to settings, security and find Unknow sources option there. Tick the check box if it is unchecked. That’s it. The error is fixed.
  • Now, try to install the app again, It will be installed in a few seconds.



This is the procedure to install You Tv Player for android phones. We will see how to use the application after install it.

How to Use You Tv Player on Android:

  1. Go to your phone menu and launch the application.
  2. When you launch the application, it will ask you to login in using Facebook or Google Account (Create Account).
  3. Choose any one of them and login to the application. This is the last step before you use the application.
  4. Now, you can use the amazing application, You Tv Player on Android.
  5. The application is very quick in loading. But, the application is not ads free. You will see ads in this application.

This is everything I wanted to share about You Tv Player Android application and how to install You Tv Player APK on phones. I think I have covered each and every step clearly in the installation procedure. If you still have any doubts, you can post your doubts using our comment box below. If you liked our post, please share it with your friends on social media.