Shareit App Free Download For Windows – BlueStacks Method

One way or another, you’re going to feel the need for having a wireless powered file sharing application and at this moment, nothing is better than SHAREit. So, here is your guide to download SHAREit app for Windows computer or laptop by BlueStacks method.

If BlueStacks is a new name to you, then I’m going to describe everything you need to know, in starting itself. You can, of course, start with and continue this method using any other emulator software. Yes, BlueStacks and every similar software are named as Android emulators.

Download ShareIt APK

About BlueStacks method

First of all, BlueStacks app player is the very first software which started this era, and made it better since its birth. It was released around three years ago, and since then, has been improved a lot.

I can assure that if you grab its installer file from the official source, and never do any hacking thing, then you’re never going to find any issues.

But, like every software, it also requires the condition of meeting its requirements with the PC or laptop configuration.
The software does a pretty good and most required (these days) job, i.e., playing Android apps and games on PC platform, which isn’t possible officially.

Android being open-source, can’t stop the software like BlueStacks from doing this. And that’s why we’re getting helped in doing what we desire.

Requirements of BlueStacks

The system needs to have at least 4GB RAM. It will work on a 2GB RAM system, as well, but the performance won’t be that good. Other than RAM, make sure there is enough free storage in C Drive. For a simple rule, always keep 5-10GB free.

At the stand of graphics, the driver should be updated to latest issued version, and it should also be compatible to run HD content. The display monitor attached to the system also needs to have HD resolution.

Finally, to run SHAREit on PC, the system needs to have Wi-Fi driver, and technology included into the system itself. If in case you’re experiencing a slow down in performance of your system, we recommend using an app. We’ve running a dedicated blog on the same which you can find over here, Clean Master for PC download.

Before you start, know this fact

There’s a simple thing you need to understand. Since, the OS at your system is a Windows version, so you don’t need this or any other Android emulator method.

That’s because, the app is officially available for the platform. You can grab it for free and get it installed like any other software. So, go ahead and check this method I’ve described to download SHAREit PC app officially.

Download SHAREit for Windows using BlueStacks

The process is pretty simple. And, since you’re finally moving with this, then following are the steps you need to follow, as it is.

First Step – Of course, the first thing to do is to grab the installer file of BlueStacks from its official website, to make it install later.


Second Step – Once the installer file is downloaded totally, double click on the same, and proceed with the on-screen instructions. Move ahead with the process and the software will be installed soon. It will require an active internet connection during the process.


Third Step – Proceed ahead and launch the software first. Now, once it starts running, click on the Search tool inside at the first left corner, and then enter ‘SHAREit’ app, as the search term.


Fourth Step – Before you can move ahead and proceed, an interruption will occur, asking to setup Sync feature and few other things of the software. This will require a Google account at the time of login and you’ve no other choice.


Fifth Step – The moment you’re done with that little setup inside, you’ll gain access to the Google’s ecosystem, i.e., Play services.


This will make the app appear in Play store’s search results. Select the appropriate one from the results, and finally click on Install option ahead. The only thing left to do is to click on Accept button when it showcases the permissions it requires.

The thing you came here to get done with, is finally over and you’ll soon get a notification.

Final words

Go ahead and start the app, which can always be found under the All Apps section of the emulator software. If you don’t like BlueStacks much, then you can also check my Intel ApUp method over here.

I hope you’re going to share this stuff with your friends to help them too. Peace!